Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah

Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah

Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah Overview :

Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah is known as one of youngest Margilan Attractions and located in the complex in which there is a mosque. The madrasah has a square courtyard and the mosque is surrounded by hujras, consist of a hall and ayvan with painted ceilings.

As listed under Uzbekistan Tours, Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrassah is also a functional higher Muslim educational institution located in the city of Margilan Since 1992, up to 300 students can study here, both men and women in two shifts. Nowadays the pilgrimages study the Koran and the Hadith in the madrasah Said Ahmad-khoja.

Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah
Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah
Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah

Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah History :

With an age a little more than 200 years, Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah was built at the end of 19th century. There are 26 living buildings (hujras), where pupils of an educational institution lived 200 years ago, operating today as craft workshops too. During the Soviet time, there was a prison in the madrasah.

Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah Design And Architecture :

  • Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah is one of the few madrassahs that combines traditional oriental and non-traditional European styles which can be seen on Uzbekistan Tours.

  • Said Ahmad-Khoja Madrasah is one of the mosques in Fergana Valley where the ceiling of ayvan and hall is fully decorated.

  • The 26 hujras are decorated with gold embroidery, silk, as well as they create jewels, metal and wooden products.

  • The hall ceiling is divided into red and green stripes, decorated with flowers and curly sprouts. Overlapping of the ayvan is decorated with the same colours in the small floral pattern.

  • An elegant geometric pattern called zanzhira separates the surface of the walls on the rectangular panel. The completion of the walls decoration is a traditional two-coloured frieze, made in kyrma technique.

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