Sentob Village In Nurata

Sentob Village In Nurata

Sentob Village In Nurata Overview :

Situated 30 km to the north of Ayadarkul Lake, Sentob Village is located in Nuratau Mountains. For the pure environment, incessant chant of birds, sunset view, murmur of mountain rill, fragrance of flowers, donkeys, friendly people, night sky full of stars, Sentob Village In Nurata famous as Nurata Attractions.

As the location of Sentob village in between Nuratau Mountains and Kyzylkum Desert, this is real peaceful corner on the earth to visit during Uzbekistan Tours. In the high mountains, like frozen, preserved the village where nobody lives already.

Sentob Village In Nurata
Sentob Village In Nurata
Sentob Village In Nurata

History Of Sentob Village In Nurata :

The Sentob Village In Nurata was also known as "Symtab". According to one legend, told by elder, they called it "Symtab", which means "shining silver". From ancient times to the present day, from the rocks is in full swing mirror-clear mineral water.

Most of the houses designs and architecture in the village was considered as old before 2,000 years ago. This wonder of nature became the heritage to the locals. It is visited by tourists who enjoy the seclusion of old architecture, whose age exceeds 2000 years.

Sentob Village In Nurata Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

Fazilman Mountain is located 15 kilometers from Sentob Village In Nurata. Known as one of the Nurata Attractions, the travellers with a special interest observe petro glyphs from 5th to 6th V, VI centuries carved on rocky stones. The ruins of ancient fortress, as well as landscapes of the Fazilman Lake can be seen on Uzbekistan Tours.

Guzbun Mountain another attractions while travelling for Sentob Village In Nurata. In the mountain there is an artificial gorge, dug up with mines. Once gold was extracted here. This gorge is not explored till the end, and it is enough for generating the tickle in nerves.

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