The Syrdarya River

The Syrdarya River

The Syrdarya River Overview :

Following Amudarya River, The Syrdarya River is the second longest riverin Central Asia. The length of Syrdarya River is 2,212 km whereas the rivers Angren, Chirchik and Keles flow into the middle stream of the Syrdarya River. The river flows through the territories of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Syr Darya has its rise near Namangan, the Fergana Valley, at the confluence of the Kyrgyz Naryn and Kara Darya rivers. During Uzbekistan Tours, there are many lakes and marshes can be found in the beginning of Syrdarya River while the bed of the river is twisted and unstable. The glacier part basin of the river Syrdarya River is weaker than of Amudarya River.

Known as one of the Uzbekistan Attractions, in the middle and lower parts, The Syr Darya is very wandering, and has many overflow lands and a channel, overgrown with reeds and tugai forests.

Some years ago, the Syrdarya River was flowed into the Aral Sea, but due to reduction of water level, the sea was divided into two parts. Today, the river flows into in northern part of the Sea and the waters of the Syrdarya are used for agriculture. So rate of river decreased by 10 times.

The Syrdarya River
The Syrdarya River
The Syrdarya River

The Syrdarya River Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

The Syr Darya River has a hydropower station and several reservoirs. Among all of them, the Kairakkum and Chardarya reservoirs are the most famous.

The major part of the riverbed runs through Kazakh steppes and the nearest cities Kyzyl-Orda and Baikonur were built.

During the flood of 1969 the Chardarya reservoir dam could not withstand the volume of water. So it diverted the water to Arnasay lowland and as the consequences Lake Aydarkula was formed.

On Uzbekistan Tours, one can enjoy swimming, picnic, watching rich wildlife diversity and horse riding on the slope of nearest Mountain of Aydarkul Lake.

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