Tashkent City Tour

Tashkent City Tour

Overview About Tashkent City Tour :

With an age of more than 2200 years, Tashkent is the largest metropolis in Central Asia in case of wealth, people and the culture with a long histories of different empires. As the capital amd cultural as well as economic centre of Uzbekistan, Tashkent City Tour offers the architectural monuments, works of artisan and skilled craftsmen, Uzbek cuisines and the cuisine of international level.

During Uzbekistan Tours, the architectural monuments can be seen as the reminder of pre-soviet period. Tashkent Region was completely destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1219. The monuments of the Bolsheviks built in Soviet period can be seen. After the great earthquake in 1966, only the buildings of medieval period existed. The mosques, mausoleums and madrasas with the blue domes can be seen in the old town of Tashkent during Tashkent City Tour. Tashkent Metro stations with the different most attractive interiors and decoration can be found in Uzbekistan Tours.

Not only the architectural monuments, Tashkent is also the home of Chor-Su Bazaar, the oldest bazaar of Uzbekistan and the biggest bazaar of Tashkent where Uzbekistan Souvenirs along with other essential things can be found. Among all of the Tashkent Attractions, the museums are unique as they hold the old collection of the great works of artisans, sculptures, handicrafts done by skilled craftsman, metal works and even the old model of cars and the invented trains.

Tashkent City Tour
Tashkent City Tour
Tashkent City Tour

Highlights For Tashkent City Tour :

During Tashkent Day Tours, the Tashkent Attractions include the architectural complexes, squares, museums and parks.

  • Chimgan Mountains

  • Mountains of Uzbekistan and holiday places

  • Tashkent TV Tower.

  • Bazaar Chorsu.

  • Museum of Applied Art.

  • Madrasah Kukeldash

  • Independence Square

  • Jami Mosque

  • The Palace of Duke Romanov

  • Hazrat Imam Complex

  • Kaldyrgach-biy (Tole bi) Mausoleum

  • Architectural complex Zangi-Ata

  • Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum - completed

  • Architectural complex Sheihantaur- completed

  • Academic Russian Drama Theatre

  • Polish Catholic Church

  • The Theatre Ilkhom

  • The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan

  • The "Anchor" Canal

  • The Museum of Astronomy

  • The State Art Museum of Uzbekistan

  • The Bozsu Canal

  • Tashkent State Theatre of Musical Comedy

  • The square of memory

  • Locomotive Museum (Tashkent museum of railway...

  • Uzbek National Academic Drama Theatre

  • The "Salar" Channel

  • Tashkent railway station

  • The State Museum of Timurids History

  • Aladdin Theatre

  • Memorial complex of Memory of Repression Vict...

  • The Holy Dormition Cathedral

  • Alay bazaar

  • State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan

  • Abdulkasym Madrasah

  • Mukimi Theatre

  • Monument "Courage"

  • Amir Temur Square

  • AlisherNavoi Theater


Today, the modern Tashkent has a charm like old traditional bazaar, colourful theatre, museums, Uzbek cuisines and many things which attract more tourists. It's worth to Uzbekistan Money Costs spending on Tashkent City Tour.

To make your tour more enjoyable and building a memory book of Uzbekistan in a most comfortable way, Uzbekistan Travel Advice is the best way to make it best.

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