Public Holidays In Uzbekistan

Public Holidays In Uzbekistan

The 10 Major Public Holidays in Uzbekistan are.

1st January New Year
8th March International Women's Days
21st March Navruz
9th May Memorial Day
1st September Independence Day
1st October Teachers Day
8th December Constitution Day
14th January Day of Defender of Motherland
1st day of Islamic month Shawwal Eid al Fitr
70 days later Eid al Adha

New Year Day:

One of the most positive celebrations Uzbeks look forward to is New Year Day. It is an important Public holiday in Uzbekistan The night of New year Eve and beginning of New Year Day is celebrated with full of enjoyment and resolutions. The youngsters burst Firecrackers and distribute sweets to start a new beginning that you will witness on your Uzbekistan Tours.

International Women’s Day:

It is normally called a holiday of beauty, feminity, and tenderness. It is also called “Mother’s Day”, Uzbeks celebrate it as the holiday of love, kindness, and Love. Men wish their Mother, Wife, and Daughter with gifts on this day.

Public Holidays In Uzbekistan
Public Holidays In Uzbekistan
Public Holidays In Uzbekistan


It is celebrated at the beginning of the Solar new year. It is mainly known for family re-union, paying tribute to the elderly, attending poor and orphans.

Memorial Day:

It is a day for remembrance to ensure the continuity of national values, the memory of patriotism, and the bravery of ancestors. It is mainly celebrated to show respect to older generations. It is another popular Public Holidays in Uzbekistan

Teachers Day:

All the Uzbek students celebrate this day to encourage the contribution of their teacher. It is marked as gratitude and respect for the selfless efforts of the teacher.

Independence Day:

Independence Day is the main National Holiday of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is celebrated in the whole country widely and in a grand way that you will encounter on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Day of Constitution:

The Republic of Uzbekistan constitution was accepted by OliyMajis. This holiday is celebrated across Uzbekistan.

Ramadan – Eid al Fitr:

It is celebrated on the 1st day of Islamic Month of Shawwal and marks the end of month-long fast observed during the Ramadan. Common greeting during the festival are; Eid Mubarak [Blessed Eid], Eid Sa'id [Happy Eid]. During this month they forgive one another for what they have done in the entire year.

Our Uzbekistan Travel Advice is to travel to the country in Spring or Autumn when the Uzbekistan Festivals and different exciting Uzbekistan Events are celebrated joyfully. Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide will direct you in bringing all the necessary Uzbekistan Travel Requirements so that you don't miss anything on your trip.

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