Uzbekistan Events

Uzbekistan Events

The Uzbekistan Events such as trade shows and exhibitions of goods and services from around the world, held in the largest consumer market of Central Asia have an excellent track record attracting both businessmen and art judges from all over the world that you will witness on Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan annually holds dozens of thematic international exhibitions of Cars, printing industries, cotton and mining equipment.

Uzbekistan Tourism is the homeland of silk fabric and region for skilled craftsmen is famous for its ethnographic, cultural, musical, artistic, theatrical Uzbekistan Events.

It also organizes film festivals, fashion weeks, craft fair and main pilaf festival. This helps the Uzbek People to gain huge experience and create a well-developed infrastructure ready to accept and present a large number of participants and guests on Uzbekistan Events.

Uzbekistan Events
Uzbekistan Events
Uzbekistan Events

Listed are few main events of Uzbekistan:

  • Navruz Cultural event in Samarkand : The Samakand sNavruz festival is all about dancing, live music, and other performances. It also will have fireworks in Navoi Park and is one of the Uzbekistan's most colourful and vibrant festivals. The festival includes numerous street parties and spirited display of cock fighting and ram-butting that you will come across on Uzbekistan Tours.

  • Pakhta-Bairam Cultural event in Nukus : The annual Pakhta Bairam takes place on the first Sunday after Karakalpakstan meets in cotton picking quota, usually in late November or early December. Competitions are held in traditional sports such as wrestling, ram-fighting and cock fighting.

  • Silk and Spices Festival : The four day Silk and Spices festival in May or June is a celebration of folk art as well as silk and spices, with lots of Music and Dance, plus acrobats and wrestling.

  • Sharq Taronalari Music Festival in Samarkand : The international SharqTaronalari classical and folk music competition is held every other year in Samarkand's Registan Sq. It is the largest music festival in central asia.

    SharqTaronalari is recognized in UNESCO international Cultural event list and it is for those looking to learn more about Uzbekistan Culture and Traditions.

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