Khiva Leisure

Khiva Leisure

Overview of Khiva Leisure

The most unique city of Khiva is inextricably connected to its history and has many legendary tales of various kings of Khorezmshah’s State whose capital was in Urgench before. As part of Khiva Leisure, you can watch the Puppet show and dine at the best restaurants and cafes in Khiva on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Khiva Puppet Theater

The Khiva Puppet shows are an old-established tradition here as even in the past puppet plays for people were arranged in noisy, crowded squares during fairs and folk festivals which many people came to watch and as part of Khiva Leisure activities. You can watch such shows inside the Ichan-Kala monument which is on the Mustakillik street, Khiva on your Uzbekistan Tours. The price of these tickets is around $5-6 and the enriched performances include the characterization of common people, about love and friendship, and rich and poor people.

Khiva Leisure
Khiva Leisure
Khiva Leisure

Restaurants and Cafes

On your Khiva Leisure you can explore different Cafes and Restaurants here which are as follows:

Art Restaurant Madrassah of Allakulihan

Located in renowned Khiva monument the Art-Restaurant of the Madrassah of Allakuli-khan is a small and cozy hall where you can taste the delicious dishes of national Khiva cuisine

National House Zaynab

Renowned in the entire Itchan-Kala is the National house of Zaynab-opa which is famous both for hospitality and delicious homemade cuisine


Located in the Tolib Makhsum Madrassah this Small restaurant can seat up to 50 people and the traditional Uzbek style interior gives it a unique ambiance.


In the very center of Khiva, is the cozy Mirzaboshi restaurant near the Kalta-Minor minaret where guests can enjoy a variety of national dishes, as well as vegetarian cuisine.

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