Andijan Region

Andijan Region

Andijan Region Overview

Located on the south-east of Fergana Valley the Ancient Andijan which is surrounded by striking hills is more than 2000 years old and is also the birthplace of Muhammad Zahiruddin Babur. The Andijan Region is a stunning place and on your, Uzbekistan Tours you should visit this beautiful region which is one of the best of all Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions.

History Of Andijan Region

The Andijan Region was founded in the VI—IV century BC. The city was posited in the crossroads of the Great Silk Road trade roads. There was the state of Davan in Uzbekistan's Andijan Region in the 6th Century BC with the capital city of Roshi. Cattle breeding, agriculture with artificial irrigation, cultivation of “white horses” and more.

The History Of Andijan Region would be incomplete without the discussion on Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur who was born in this region and was also the founder of the Mughal Empire.

Andijan Region Highlights

Among the many Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions in this region that survived the disastrous earthquake in 1902 is the huge Jami Madrasah of Andijan Region which is also a must-visit on your Uzbekistan Tours. This striking structure is about 123m in length and occupies an area of 1.5 hectares and consist of a madrasah, mosque, and minaret

  • Being the largest center for the engineering industryAndijan hosts many automobile production plants, including many textile factories, cotton mills, canning and dairy factories, etc.

  • Few kilometers away from the region is the ancient city of Ershi which is popular for its holy places.

  • There are some other popular places of worship like Tuzlik Masar, Ok Gur, Imam-Ota, and many more.

Andijan Region
Andijan Region
Andijan Region

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