Jizzakh Region

Jizzakh Region

About Jizzakh Region

Located in the eastern part of the country the Jizzakh Region borders Samarqand Region to the west, Tajikistan to the south and south-east, Kazakhstan to the north, Navoiy Region to the north-west, and Sirdaryo Region to the east. On your Uzbekistan Tours to this fantastic region, you will discover that the area covered by the region is around 20,500 square km. This beautiful Uzbekistan attraction has a population of around 910,500 where the majority of the population - 80% are living in rural areas.

Jizzakh Region Highlights

The major towns in the Jizzakh Region are Mardjanbulak, Pakhtakor, Jizzakh, Dustlik, Gallyaaral, Gagarin, and more which you can visit on your Uzbekistan Tours. The Region was given separate status in 1973 as it was formerly a part of Sirdaryo Region.

  • The Jizzakh Region Of Uzbekistan experiences typically the continental type of climate that includes hot, dry summers and mild winters.

  • The Jizzakh Region economy is primarily based on agriculture, cotton, and wheat production (which are the main crops) along with extensive use of irrigation.

  • Limestone, lead, zinc, and iron are the natural resources available here.

  • It's easy to get around this region with great transport infrastructure that covers over 2500 km of surfaced roads.

  • The region accommodates the Zaamin National Park, on the western slopes of the Turkestan Range. The beautiful and unique fauna and flora, that you will encounter here on your Uzbekistan Tourism are simply amazing.

The Wildlife of the region is a major Uzbekistan Attractions.

Jizzakh Region
Jizzakh Region
Jizzakh Region

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