Khiva Sights

Khiva Sights

Introduction About Khiva Sights

Khiva Sights have a unique and centuries-old history and many streets still resemble an oriental city of the XVII-XIX centuries which you will see on your Uzbekistan Tours. Almost all the monuments are concentrated within the ancient Ichan-Kala Fortress making them a must-visit on Khiva Tours.

Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum

The large turquoise dome of the Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum in the heart of the ancient Itchan-Kala Fortress is outlined against the background of Khiva cob buildings and is a must-visit among Khiva Sights.

Juma Mosque

Among the Khiva Sights, the most unique one is the Juma Mosque which was constructed towards the end of the XVIII century, has features of a simple rectangular hall with the roof supported by 213 wooden pillars, each differing with their decorative carvings.

Islam Khoja Complex

built as recently as the beginning of the XX century the Islam Khoja Complex is a must-visit on Uzbekistan Tours while in Khiva. The structure includes a hall and 42 hudjrs (cells), and a 56.6-m high minaret and is Khiva’s highest minaret.


On your Khiva Tours, you should visit the most historical part of the city where this fortress stands surrounded with a high cob wall, reaching up to 10 meters. Many communities are living here since the historic period and are mainly engaged in traditional Uzbek crafts.

Khiva Sights
Khiva Sights
Khiva Sights

Kunya-Ark Fortress

Visit the “the Fortress in the Fortress” among the Khiva Sights which is located at the Itchan-Kala western gate. The best part about Kunya-Ark Fortress is its sightseeing platform, overlooking almost the entire city.

Kalta Minor Minaret

Did you know that among the many Khiva Sights, Kalta Minor Minaret is the true symbol of the city? Its striking dimensions with foundation going deep up to a depth of 15 meters, the diameter at the base is 14.5 meters and the height is 29 meters are inspiring.

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