Khiva Attractions

Khiva Attractions

Khiva Overview

The various Khiva Attractions are relatably new compared to the other ancient cities of Bukhara and Samarkand. On your Uzbekistan Tours you simply can’t miss this UNESCO world heritage site which is simply unforgettable.

History Of Khiva

The famous city of Khiva which was part of the famous Silk Road is a important aspect of Uzbekistan Tours. This city exited in the earlier times around 8th Century as a minor fort and trading poston the Silk Road. Untill 1598 Khiva was small town in the desert which was often destroyed by many invaders Alexander the Great, the Arabs, led by Qutayba ibn Muslim, Genghis Khan or Amir Timur. Since then the remnants of the city which are still vibrant and filled with stories of many rulers and invaders offer great Places To Visit In Khiva.

Khiva Attractions
Khiva Attractions
Khiva Attractions

Places To Visit In Khiva:

The various Khiva Sights And Tourist Attractions are as mentioned below:

  • Kalta-Minar Minaret: One of the major Khiva Attractions is the Kalta Minar which is a fortress surrounded with a high cob wall, reaching up to 10 meters. This minaret hosts more than 60 monuments of different periods from the XVI to the early XX century which have been conserved on the territory of 26 ha.

  • Islam-Hoja Minaret: Another important aspect of Khiva Sights is the Islam-Hoja Minaret which was constructed in 1908 by Islam-Hoja of the Prime Minister of Khan. This beautiful minaret represents the symbol of the country and portrays the 14th Century architecture.

  • Ichan-Kala settlement: Among other Khiva Tourist Attractions Itchan Kala town which was last resting-place of caravans before crossing the desert to Iran. This small town is surrounded by 10 metre high walls and some of these old monuments still stand it is a strong and are a great example of the Islamic architecture of Central Asia.

  • Kyzyl-Kala Fortress: The Kyzyl-Kala fortress is another beautiful Khiva Attractions and is posited in the vicinity of ancient town Toprak-Kala. The additional fortification of this structure served as an extra defense system for these small towns.

  • Muhammad Amin Khan Madrasah:Among Khiva- Top Places To See the Madrasah of Mukhammad Amin-khan is one of the main sights. It is located in the historical district Itchan-Kala and is the chief madrasah in the Central Asia.

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