History In Khiva

History In Khiva

Introduction About History In Khiva

Khiva city in Uzbekistan is famous for its unique archaeological heritage site which is closely associated with the History InKhiva and the name of the city is related to a well. Ichan Kala or the “Open Air Museum” in Khiva, is one of the main attractions of Uzbekistan Tours. The fortress is the first place in Central Asia which has enlisted under UNESCO world heritage sites.

The History of Uzbekistan is full of the story of many conquerors and rulers in its major cities and regions. Khivahas suffered a lot from the attack of several invaders likeAlexander the Great,Qutaybaibn Muslim, Genghis Khan, Amir Timur, and many others.

The History of Khiva is also connected to the ancient trade path as it was one of the main centres of the Great Silk Road. Basically, Khive is divided into two parts; one is Dichan Kala and the other one is Ichan Kala. In Uzbekistan Tours, you will see Ichan Kala as an old city which is the home of 60 historical monuments and 250 old housesof the medieval period. All these are encircled by brick walls with a height of 10 meters. From the top of the wall of the fortress, you can enjoy the spectacular view of old city as Uzbekistan Scenery.

On Khiva Tours, you can also watch Dichan Kala, the outer town, protected by a wall with 11 gates.

History In Khiva
History In Khiva
History In Khiva

History Of Khiva From Ancient Times

According to the History Of Khiva From Ancient Times, there is a story behind the formation of Khiva. Shem, one of the sons of Prophet Noah, was flooded to a desert and whle on sleeping he dreamt of 300 burning torches. After waking up, he founded a city according to the placement of burning torches which he had dreamt of. Then he dug a well which has sweet water.

Once the caravans were passing on trade path through the city and for thirst, they drank up the water from the well. After drinking up the sweet water, they surprising says “Kheyvakh!" which means, "What a pleasure!". Later due to mispronunciation of “Kheivak”, it turned into the name of the city as Khiva.

From ancient times, the northern trade routes from Central Asian interfluves was controlled by Khorezm in this place and KhorezmRegionwas also known as the main cultural centre. As per the archaeologists, the existence of Khorezmians was also in 7th century BC. In the middle of 6th century BC, Khorezm was conquered by King Cyrus, the Persian king.But, the Persian king was killed in the battle with nomads, led by Queen Tomiris.

By 8th century, Khiva was a small town with minor fort. Khorezm was developed in between 1oth and 14th centuries where the capital was at Old Urgench or Kunya-Urgench.  Khiva was the capital of the Khanate of Khivain 1598, after the conquest of Amir Timur in Central Asia. The most of the Uzbekistan Architecture you will see in Khiva Tours were made in between 10th and 17th centuries.

As per the History InKhiva, slave trade was in function for the long time and the conquerors drove people from the southern Russia and Persia into slavery. To remove the slave trade from Central asia, Russian Empire was organized a military campaign in 1873 and as a consequences, the Khanate of Khiva was included under the Government-General of Turkestan.

Soviet Union overthrew the last khan in 1919 while Khiva city became the capital of Khorezm People's Soviet Republic in 1920. Later, Khiva became the administrative city of Khorezm region in 1924. After the independence of Uzbekistan, Khiva became one of the most famous Uzbekistan Tourist Destinations.

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