Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes

Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes

Introduction About Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes

In the various Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes, you will be mostly served dishes of national cuisine such as baracha (stewed lamb with onion), Bukharan (Bukharian) pilaf (light pilaf with unmixed layers of rice and carrot), Bukharan big somsa (pastry stuffed with tomato and meat) along with various vegetable salad varieties that you can taste on your Uzbekistan Tours.

List Of Best Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes

We have collaborated the list of following restaurants and cafes that you can dine at in your Uzbekistan Tours:

  • Caravan: Among many Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes you should try the Restaurant Caravan which is a large complex, and consists of open yard, two halls, rooms, ayvan, and karaoke-room and children room. It serves amazing food and provides great services.
  • Minzifa: The Café Minzifa is located in the center of the old part of the city, and is close to the very well-known Lyabi-Khauz. There are two halls and an overlooking terrace in the Café.
  • Kuvshin House: Taste amazing dishes at Kuvshin House which is a restaurant located in the owners’ house. Along with various Uzbek cuisine that the restaurant offers, you will be amazed by the beautiful room decoration of the place which represents the classic Bukhara style.
  • Wishbone: You can also visit Wishbone which is another Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes and is German-owned. It is located inside the Tim Abdullakhan trading dome. You will receive great coffee here that is made from the highest quality beans. The cafe also has delicious cakes and other snacks.
  • Old Bukhara: The Old Bukhara restaurant is in the heart of Bukhara, and is within walking distance of the Lyabi-Khauz ensemble. This small and cozy, yet classic Uzbek house, is decorated with traditional ceramics and paintings on its walls.
Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes
Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes
Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes

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