Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum

Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum

Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum Highlights

“Preserving the many stories and details of the life of Abu Ali ibn-Sina, this beautiful monument demonstrate the precious ceramics, coins of the Samanid era, and numerous medical instruments of bronze materials.”

The Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum which conserve the daily lifetyle of the ruler, including his clothing, his paintings with scenes portraying his life is a must visit on your Uzbekistan Tours. Among the many structures and monuments in the city the Bukhara Museum are the must of all due to the historical and rich cultural information that you will witness here. 

History Of Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum

The Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum located in the small village of Afshona is located just a few kilometers away from the regionalcenter in Bukhara. The infamous scholar Abu Ali ibn-Sina was born to a tax collector who later became popular in the Eastern and in Western countries. Among the many Bukhara Museum you will visit this is the most popular one as it includes the great scientific achievements of this great academician.

Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum
Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum
Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum

Interesting Facts about the Abu Ali Ibn Sino Memorial Museum

  • The best part of Abu Ali ibn Sina was that he left no stream of science or art where his expertise have not been tested. Having written over 300 books that you will encounter in the Abu Ali Ibn Sino Memorial Museum near Bukhara, he is well known for his works in the most popular books of The Book of Healing and the Canon of Medicine.

  • On your Uzbekistan Tours you will encounter the The Book of Knowledge which summarises the varieties of topics including mathematics, rhetoric, logic, etc.

  • Among the many beautiful artifacts that you will encounter here, there are home utensils, photocopies of many manuscripts of the 10th and the 11th Century that are availabl here.

Unearth the Hidden Secrets of the Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum

The Abu Ali Ibn Sina Memorial Museum in itself at its best during the peak seasons of Spring or Autumn when the nature enhances the beauty of this great architectural artform which is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan. EuroAsia Travels well articulated Uzbekistan Travel Advice will help you traverse carefree and safe across the country and our Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpapers that helps them plan early and travel hassle free across the towns of Uzbekistan are of great help to many of our former cleints.

We know you are exciting to visit these ancient monuments in the heart of Bukhara and delve deeper into the hidden secrets of the city. Don’t hesitate and call us now in case of any queries our travel experts will resolve them for you instantBukhara Tours.

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