Uzbekistan Myths And Legends

Uzbekistan Myths And Legends

The history of Uzbekistan Myths and Legends is never ending. The stories, eposes, myths, legends as well as history are the cultural heritage of every nation. Uzbekistan has a very rich and colourful legend, with folk stories mixing with the history and Uzbekistan Myths and Legends which has become the source of truth.

People kept stories about great deeds and legendary heroes, magnificent buildings and beautiful women; everything was embodied in myths and legends of Uzbekistan. The legends were composed according to the courage, bravery and valor of the national heroes that you will encounter on Uzbekistan Tours.

The main historical personalities were Shirak, Tomiris, JaloliddinManguberdi whose great feats became the legends. The life of Tamerlane is also covered with Uzbekistan Myths and Legends, which both frighten and fascinate. The world outlook is represented through Uzbek Ancestors.

Uzbekistan has a unique and mysterious folk tales and stories, which were passed towards generation by People of Uzbekistan. The ancient cities of Samarkand are shrouded with mysteries and superstitions, the secret of the tomb of Tamerlane, hidden in its heart, still fascinate people.

Religions of Central Asia, both pre-Islamic teachings and Islam, had a great influence on myths and legends of Uzbekistan which you will come across on Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan Myths And Legends
Uzbekistan Myths And Legends
Uzbekistan Myths And Legends

The myth of Mashad of Kussama in ShakhiZinda, the legend of Chashma Ayub Mausoleum in Bukhara, legend of the KhojaDanier in Samarkand, legend of khan Atlas, Legend about are examples of religious myths and legends about saints.

Legends of prophets are a part of Muslim traditions and myths related with the worship of saints who were able to resurrect from the dead to assume various aspects; like, instantly transport from one place to remote one, to prevent dangers, to treat illnesses and many more.

Uzbekistan has very rich history full of folk stories and legends. Stories about wonderful cities, great rulers, immortal love were maintained and passed on from generation to generation by Uzbek ancestors.

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