Margilan Attractions

Margilan Attractions

Margilan Overview :

Situated on the intersection of ancient trade routes, Margilan is located in the south of Fergana valley. Margilan Attractions those grab everyone's attention towards itself, includes the famous silk factory, madrasah and mosque. As the home of the largest silk factory in Uzbekistan and part of caravans trade route which is from china to the west, Margilan city is known among the best Uzbekistan Destinations.

Uzbekistan Tours are famous among the visitors, as it is not limited to archaeological beauties like monuments with great architecture, gorgeous domes with turquoise colour, carved design on the madrassahs, mosques and marvellous design with geometric patterns. The uniqueness of Uzbekistan Tours lies on the varieties specifications of different regions. Margilan, 15 kilometres north of Fergana city, is one of the great examples among Uzbekistan Destinations.

Margilan Attractions
Margilan Attractions
Margilan Attractions

History Of Margilan :

Dating back to 2,000 years old, the city got its name from Alexander, the Great. As per the legend, Alexander gave the name Murginan after tasting a dish made of bread and chicken offered by the local people. As the dish was delicious for him, Alexander gave the name Murginan to the entire area and Margilan comes from the same name.

Another story tells that the city got its name from the word marg of the Sogdian language which mean meadow or grassland. As the city lies on the previous location of an oasis, the city got its name as Margilan.

From 1598 to 1876, Margilan was a part of the Kokand Khanate of Fergana valley and during the reign of Soviet Union, Margilan became a district town.

Things To Do In Margilan :

Margilan - Centre Of Silk-Noil Spinning is definitely famous for the silk products in Central Asia. As this town is home of some great craftsmen, famous for weaving the impressive silk materials with magnificent designs without taking help of any machinery. Watch the work of Khan-atlas fabric, one of the famous Margilan Attractions, which were exported to Europe and the Middle East along the Silk Road route.

As the city is only 38 kilometres from Fergana valley, one can go for the trekking. Enjoy the panoramic view of the majestic landscape of the valley, especially in spring and autumn season, the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

Margilan Highlights Point Of Attraction :

  • The Said Akhmad-Khoja Madrasah : Visiting Said Akhmad-Khoja Madrassah to watch the mix of oriental and European architecture is one of the interesting Things To Do In Margilan. It was built in 19th Century for the purpose of providing educations to scholars and known as one of the youngest madrasahs in Uzbekistan.

  • Margilan Silk Factories : Famous among all Margilan Attractions, the two silk factories are in Margilan. The popularity of one of them is because of the largest enterprise producing Khan-atlas in Central Asia and the whole silk production process is computer-aided. Up to date there is the only factory which preserved a manual method of silk production and this is Yodgorlik Margilan Factory.

    Established in 1972, the factory's staff numbers are 450 people among which majority of them is women. Every month the factory produces up to 6,000 m of fabric including natural silk and half-silk fabric.

  • KhojaAdbul Aziz Madrassah : Today, KhojaAdbul Aziz Madrassah is not functioning as madrassahs but it offers surplus amount of fine collection of photos of ancient era.

  • Chakar mosque and Toron-Bazar Mosque : Known as the main religious centres in Margilan, Toron-Bazar mosque was erected during 19th Century, whereas, Chakar mosque was built on the site of an old, dilapidated building.

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