Tashkent Tourism

Tashkent Tourism

Known as the hub and largest metropolis city in Central Asia, Tashkent is the home of several archaeological monuments, parks, museums and theatres. Tashkent Tourism differs from other tourism, as the modern city life emerged with the mix culture of Uzbekistan makes a perfect combination for Uzbekistan Tourism.

Famous as the "Star of the Orient" and "Messenger of Peace", Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, has more than 240 archaeological sites and 10 years before there were only 39 monuments in Tashkent. Apart from these, Tashkent like other cities also has suffered from many attacks by the conquerors. As Tashkent was the capital of a communist republic for 60 years, most of the monuments were destroyed by Soviet Union. However, the new made buildings representing the mixed architecture of Central Asia and Soviet Union.

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is an ancient city is now a fully developed city located on the Silk Road. Tashkent Uzbekistan Tourism is not only for the market or monuments, it also about the uniqueness of every theatres, museums and the parks.

Tashkent Tourism Facts

The facts of Tashkent Tourism include the monuments with the blue domes of the Old Town which are closely associated with the ancient, medieval and colonial past of Tashkent. The role of old town of Tashkent doesn't end here, the town is full of traditional neighbourhoods of artisans, skilled craftsmen in wood and metal, and also excellent bakers, pastry-cooks and chefs of inimitable Uzbek cuisine.

Tashkent Tourism
Tashkent Tourism
Tashkent Tourism

The uniqueness of Tashkent Tourism is medieval buildings, stylish European architecture, Soviet-style concrete buildings and gleaming skyscrapers of glass and concrete. The Oq-Tepa District, the Mausoleum of Abubakr Mukhammed Kaffal Chachi representing the beautiful architecture, museums are the major heritage sites those grab attentions of visitors. The buildings in Tashkent in between late 19th and 20th centuries are famous for their "brick style" of Russian neo-romantic architecture, when the skilful brickwork itself is a decor.

Chorsu bazaar, the real oriental bazaar is the oldest, most famous and biggest market can be found in Tashkent. Enjoying Tashkent nightlife is another fact that drives the tourists to here.

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Tashkent Tourism Sights

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