Why Travelling By Train Is A Better Option In Uzbekistan Tours?

Why Travelling By Train Is A Better Option In Uzbekistan Tours?

Are you an aesthete? Then your Uzbekistan Tours will amaze you with the glorious soviet art and culture, which your eyes are craving for. You will get to know about the place more if you travel closely and get more involved with the local culture. And this is quite impossible if you are on a flying-journey. While traveling by train inside Uzbekistan, you will get to know the colorful Uzbek cities better.

Why Travel By Train In Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is famous for its colorful Islamic architecture and the Silk Road inside the country. Except for the Chimgan Mountains, the whole country is covered by flat desert landscapes. So traveling by trains will create the Best Uzbekistan Tours.

Why Travel By Train In Uzbekistan?
  • During your Uzbekistan Tours, you will find the maximum area of Uzbekistan is covered by desert only except Chimgan Mountains and Nuratau Mountains. Traveling by trains amidst these lonely desert is just like a treat to your eyes.
  • Traveling by train in Uzbekistan is a little cheaper than the other public transports like a car, taxi, etc. In this way, you can save during your Tours in Uzbekistan.
  • Do not worry about time as the old trains are replaced by new high-speed trains which are running between Khiva, Tashkent, and Samarkand.

Are Trains In Uzbekistan Good?

  • Uzbekistan Tours & Travel has improved a lot and waiting for you to showcase its high-speed trains. You will be amazed by seeing the cleanliness of the trains.
  • The Afrosiyob train is the most expensive in Uzbekistan. This is the fastest one too with high-quality cleanliness.
  • I4t is a convenient way to explore Uzbekistan Traveling By Train connecting between multiple cities like Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Take A Train In Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan train tour is very affordable for all and the best way of Getting Around Uzbekistan. Here are a few examples of how much you have to pay during your Trips To Uzbekistan:

How Much Does It Cost To Take A Train In Uzbekistan?

Prices Of Trains From Tashkent To Khiva, The Two Popular Cities Of Uzbekistan:

It is a long journey of 14 hours.

Regular seat from Tashkent to Khiva: 13 USD
Standard sleeping cabin from Tashkent to Khiva: 20 USD
Luxury cabin from Tashkent to Khiva: 40 USD

Prices Of Trains From Tashkent To Samarkand:

It takes 3 to 4 hours to travel between these two cities. 

Regular seat from Tashkent to Samarkand: between 5 and 6 USD
Standard sleeping cabin from Tashkent to Samarkand: around 10 USD
Luxury cabin from Tashkent to Samarkand: 18 USD

What Are The Different Types Of Trains In Uzbekistan?

You will see three types of trains while exploring Uzbekistan Travelling by Train. Let’s discuss the features of these trains.

  • The Afrosiyob train: This is the newest model and the most comfortable High-speed train. It is the major Uzbekistan Tourist Attraction. You can travel through the major cities of Uzbekistan like Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara. Traveling by this train will add some extra luxury to your Best Uzbekistan Tours.
  • The Sharq train: These trains are the older trains of Uzbekistan Tours & Travel. These are in service since the Soviet era. They travel in between cities like Urgench, Khiva, and Fergana valley.
  • Night trains in Uzbekistan: The night train is the slowest one but a preferable option if you are covering a long distance. You can book 1st class, 2nd class, or 3rd class coach.

How Can You Book Tickets For Trains In Uzbekistan?

How Can You Book Tickets For Trains In Uzbekistan?
  • If you are planning trips to Uzbekistan in high season, then you must book your train one day before in advance. You can buy e-tickets from the Uzbekistan railway website and you have to collect the ticket from the ticket counter at the train station.
  • It is better to go directly to the train station and book your ticket right there at the ticket counter.
  • If you have a pre-planned itinerary and you know the exact dates then you can book the train tickets on one go. You can pay through cash or with a Visa card.

** If you have made your mind up for happening and relaxing trips To Uzbekistan, then visit our page Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan to pick your best travel time.

What Is The Uzbek Train Schedule?

  • You can check the train schedule during your Tours in Uzbekistan, on the Uzbekistan Railway official website.
  • This website automatically translates the information into English. So language will not be any obstacle.
  • It is still a bit difficult to navigate as you have to enter the names of the cities in Russian. We suggest using Google assistant to translate the name of the city. Just copy it and paste it on the website.

Things To Bring With You On An Overnight Uzbek Train:

  • During your Best Tours in Uzbekistan, if you are wishing to travel with the Night trains, you must bring some bedsheets and sleeping bags. Though the trains of Uzbekistan Tours & Travel provide pillows and bedsheets, they are not always clean. So it is better to bring your own.
  • Keep some snacks with you. You can find some people selling some food inside the train but generally, they are a bit pricey.
  • Take your chargers and power banks with you.
  • If you are traveling Uzbekistan during winter then you must bring some extra sweaters.
  • If you are still having any confusion about the Tours In Uzbekistan, then you can refer our page, Uzbekistan Travel Advice.

If you want to explore the colorful culture of Uzbekistan closely, it is preferable to travel by train. We, at Euroasia Travels, understand our client’s need and deliver the Best Uzbekistan Tours. Our experienced travel guides will show you the major Uzbekistan Highlights. Visit our website and grab the Best Uzbekistan Package which delivers an 11 days Uzbekistan travel by train.

If you need any expert assistance, then call us right now.

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