A Complete Uzbekistan Tour Guide For Solo Traveller

Travelling solo to unknown lands on Uzbekistan Tours could be scary for some but who doesn’t want to take a daring adventure of Travelling Alone in Uzbekistan at least once in a lifetime? We know thousands of solo travelers who dream of this and some of the lucky ones who have been assisted by EuroAsia Travels have already realized this dream of theirs over the years.

A Complete Uzbekistan Tour Guide For Solo Traveller

Now the question arises is it safe for Solo Female Travel to Uzbekistan? The answer is a BIG YES! This is because, for Euroasia Travels, your safety in Uzbekistan is of paramount importance and we have had numerous such testimonials of solo female travellers who have felt safe travelling with us and have even shared their amazing experiences!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive deep into understanding various aspects of making your Tours In Uzbekistan memorable through our detailed Uzbekistan Travel Guide analysis given below:

Why Uzbekistan Is In Your Bucket List?

Linked with the ancient trading route Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan is home of ornate mosques, glittering minarets, beautiful madrassas and other archaeological sites. Beautiful Islamic architecture on the monuments can be found in the ancient cities of Uzbekistan like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, etc.

Why Uzbekistan Is In Your Bucket List?
Why Uzbekistan Is In Your Bucket List?

Trips to Uzbekistan is well known for photography. The breathtaking view of colors, patterns, and architecture of the monument gives you unlimited opportunities for photography.

 The colorful bazaar with traditional products and great food can give you a unique experience in Uzbekistan. This central Asia nation is full of old soviet buildings and has unique natural places like the biggest caves, Aydarkul Lake, Aral Sea, Chimgan and Beldersay resorts, Kyzylkum desert, etc.

Location Familiarity Of Uzbekistan For Solo Travellers

Location Familiarity Of Uzbekistan For Solo Travellers
Location Familiarity Of Uzbekistan For Solo Travellers

Uzbekistan is a double landlocked country with friendly people, delicious food, colourful markets, historical ancient places and cultural place. Located in the Central Asian region, most of its part is a desert. So for staying in Uzbekistan, you need to know extreme cold and hot weather conditions in the country.  

Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

Did you know that spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Uzbekistan? These are also the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan. The months of spring in Uzbekistan are from March to May while the autumn is experienced in the months from September to early November.

Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan
Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

Most of the people visit between May and October because of the bitter cold in the desert and foothills. In spring, you can enjoy celebrations for Navruz, the Persian New Year, and the traditional sports like Kopkari, kurash, etc.

In autumn, the country turns into heaven from late September to early November. The Silk Road cities are most enjoyable at this time.

The summer season in July and August is the best time for trekking in Uzbekistan. In summer, you can get the opportunity to enjoy in Samarkand’s International Music Festival.

Cost Of Taking As Solo Traveller

The cost of Uzbekistan tours depends on a lot of factors like the standard of accommodations. For a regular backpacker, an 8 Days Uzbekistan Tours could cost you $1050 (approximately).

Cost Of Taking As Solo Traveller
Cost Of Taking As Solo Traveller

If you are economical with no credit points earned on flights, it will cost you around $1300 for 7 days. In case of luxury, with luxurious staying, foods, and flights, then traveling solo to Uzbekistan will cost you $1500 for 7 days.

Visa Requirement For Solo Traveller

If you are a citizen of the USA, countries of EU, Canada, India and Australia, then you can apply for e-visa. You have to simply fill the standard application online and you will receive your visa through e-mail within two days.

Visa Requirement For Solo Traveller
Visa Requirement For Solo Traveller

To get a letter of invitation for a visa, you can do it through travel agencies. After getting the letter, you can apply for a visa at the embassy. You will receive a visa within one week.

Getting Around Uzbekistan

It is very easy to travel anywhere in Uzbekistan by train, taxi or Air. In Samarkand, Bukhara, and Tashkent, you can reach within 1 to 2 hours.

There are airports in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Urgench. So you can fly one city to another. You should hire a taxi when travelling only for Khiva.

Uzbekistan Language

Two main languages can be spoken in the main cities like Samarkand and Tashkent of Uzbekistan. These are Uzbek and Russian.

English is less spoken but in tourist places, the communication is in the English language

Dress Code In Uzbekistan

Uzbek people prefer to be secular and Modern, so there are no strict rules for the dress code. Headscarves are required only in religious places.

You should wear what you love to wear. Jeans with T-shirts can be a better choice.

Best Places To Visit In Uzbekistan Tour

The imperial cities of Uzbekistan on the Great Silk Road are full of monuments like ancient mosques, mausoleums, madrassas, minarets, and other archaeological sites.

Bukhara City

Known as one of the oldest cities in the world, Bukhara got heaven light among all the cities. You can stay in the hotel near the historic center of Bukhara, one of the UNESCO heritage sites.

The important places you should visit in Bukhara are Char Minar, Khanum Mosque, Abdul Aziz Khan Madrassah, Mir-e-Arab Madrassah, and Ark Fortress. You can find interesting art and history museum in the fortress.

Samarkand City

Located at the heart of the cultural crossroads of Silk Road, Samarkand City is the home of beautiful mosques and mausoleums.

It was said by Alexander the Great that Samarkand is more beautiful than he had imagined. Registan square is the heart of the Silk Road and people gathers here for proclamations.

Near Registan, you will find Shai-i-Zinda ensemble with mausoleums and mosques of 9th to 14th centuries. Don’t miss the Gur-i-Amir mausoleum of Amir Temur, the Asian conqueror.

Khiva City

Once called the pearl of the world by poets and philosophers, Khiva City is known as an open-air museum.

You can stay in Hostel Laliopa, as you can enjoy the view of the town in the middle of the desert. You can enjoy the beautiful Islamic architecture and colour pattern design on the interior of mausoleums, mosques, madrassas, and minarets.

Tashkent City

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan which combines modernity and antiquity. You should visit Kukeldah Masdrassah, most famous historical monument of Tashkent. Don’t miss Hazrat-i- Imam square and other monuments. You can stay at Sunrise Caravan Stay in Tashkent

Food In Uzbekistan

If you haven’t tasted Uzbekistan Food earlier, you will be awe-struck with delicacies, flavors, and the uniqueness that the food has to offer. There are numerous items that we suggest you try in Uzbekistan are Plov, Manti, Samosa, Uzbek Nan bread, Sherpa, Shashlik, Shivit Oshi, and green spaghetti. Try these and we promise you will never forget the taste.

Uzbekistan Safety

There is no need to worry about Uzbekistan Safety. This country is way safer than other Europian countries. The people are friendly, nice and pleasing. Nobody pushes you to your annoyance. There is no pickpocketing or theft in general.

Accommodation In Uzbekistan

You can get nice and comfortable and luxurious accommodation in hotels like Madrassah with a scenic view. You can also find homestays or a B & B with a lot of facilities and a scenic view. There are also hostels for regular travelers.

Shopping In Uzbekistan

You can buy many extraordinary souvenirs to keep the memory of this beautiful and historical places. Those souvenirs are Doppa, Karakul Raiment, Bread stamps, Ikat Scarves, Kashkar Boldak, paintings, Mulberry paper, Ceramic pottery, Uzbek dolls, Uzbek Rugs, etc.

Health Issues In Uzbekistan

There are not any specific health issues normally in Uzbekistan. For any health advisory in Uzbekistan, you can check it out on the official website of Uzbekistan Govt.

Uzbekistan Packing List

If you are traveling as a solo traveler, you should take light outfits to get more comfortable. On our suggestion, you should not bring only clothes for the hot day time because in night you will need warm clothes for the bitter cold.

Euroasia Travels

We hope these Uzbekistan Travel Tips will help you to get an idea for your upcoming Uzbekistan Tours. Euroasia Travels Provides Its Unique And Esteemed Clients With Bespoke Services that they would have never experienced anywhere else in the world. Your craze for travel when teamed up with our expertise in designing the perfect personalized itineraries is definite to produce the best travel experience ever!

Let us make your Uzbekistan Tours most enjoyable and unique.

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