Explore Uzbekistan Cultural Tours To Experience The Rich Culture & Traditions

Explore the rich, exceptional history, culture, dynamism, diversity of the culture, and some of the most gorgeous monuments of the world on your Uzbekistan Tours. Witness the amalgamation of the Russian, Kazaks, Tajikistan, etc. In the single culture of Uzbeks with EuroAsia Travels.

Uzbekistan Cultural Tours
Explore Uzbekistan Cultural Tours To Experience The Rich Culture &Traditions

Uzbekistan has gained the best place because of its culture and tradition. There is no comparison with the cultural activities like dance moves, national music, painting, national kitchen, and garments.

The Art Of Uzbekistan has a wide variety of different styles, materials, and ornamentation. Some arts like silk, ceramics, cotton weaving, stone and wood carving, metal engraving, leather stamping, calligraphy, and miniature painting are a fabulous representation of works.

The Culture Of Uzbekistan also holds high regard for music. Shashmaqam, the classical music of Uzbekistan is famous and similar to classical Persian music. To make your tour as the Best Uzbekistan Tours, let us give some information about its cultural program.

Asrlar Sadosi Festival in Uzbekistan

To experience the folk traditions you need to travel for Uzbekistan Tours in May for the AsrlarSadosi Festival, also known as “Echo of Centuries”. You can enjoy the folk traditions, crafts, and music in the various cities of Uzbekistan. The festival is usually held for two days in May. You can get opportunities to participate in songs, dances, games, and contests in your Uzbekistan Tours.

Asrlar Sadosi Festival in Uzbekistan
Asrlar Sadosi Festival in Uzbekistan

This festival has been organized since 2009 with the assistance of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the Fund Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan is the main organizer of the AsrlarSadosi festival. The festival has been started in 2008 in Shakhrisabz.

The organizers of this festival give priorities to the ecology, cultural heritage, and development by arranging round-table discussions, seminars, and workshops. You can enjoy the songs and dances in the large concerts full of spectators and participants.

Boysun Bahori Festival In Uzbekistan

Boysun Bahori in the Baisuntau Mountains settlement in the southern part of Uzbekistan marks Boysun town as the birthplace of this festival. The locals of Boysun have been living by following their tradition and culture for 1000 years. The BoysunBahori Festival held for two days in April month to celebrate as a reminder of this unique culture. As a rare and lost tradition, the Boysun Bahori festival aims to gather and preserve the tradition to celebrate every year.

Boysun Bahori Festival In Uzbekistan
Boysun Bahori Festival In Uzbekistan

You can experience and enjoy a lot of things in a large yurt camp with workshops and folk ensembles on the stages. A lot of traditional sports activities can be seen such as Kurash (wrestling), Kupkari (horsed game), etc. Among all activities, darboz or tightrope walking is most famous where acrobats combine circus pageantry in theatre.

Taste the traditional UzbekistanFood made by the master chefs and enjoy the local crafts made by experts.

Silk & Spices Festivals In Uzbekistan

Every year, the Silk and Spices Festival is held for 2 days at the end of May month or the beginning of June. This Festival has usually held in Bukhara City of the silk road of Uzbekistan. 

Silk & Spices Festivals  In Uzbekistan
Silk & Spices Festivals In Uzbekistan

This festival is celebrated every year to remind the story of caravans to travel from China to Europe a thousand years ago. During their travel, they had to pass through Mountains and barren deserts with the loaded silks and spices. When resting at blooming oases, they meet with masters of pottery, embroidery, minting, carpet weaving, etc.

The first Silk & Spices Festival was first organized by the Khunarmand Association of Craftsmen in Uzbekistan Tourism, the city of Bukhara. The main goal was to keep the Silk Road culture alive and display the rich traditions of handicrafts. If you are the lover of Souvenirs, you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, and silk scarves.

The closing ceremony of the Silk and Spices Festival of 2019 was held in the Poi-Kalyan Architectural Ensemble with Uzbek folk music.

SharqTaronalari International Music Festival In Uzbekistan

Held in Samarkand's Registan square every 2 years since 1997, SharqTaronalari International Music Festival is one of the largest musical and cultural festivals in Central Asia. This festival is listed under the UNESCO International Cultural Events List and the most famous event to represent the heritage of Uzbekistan.

SharqTaronalari International Music Festival  In Uzbekistan
SharqTaronalari International Music Festival In Uzbekistan

SharqTaronalari means “melodies of the east” and it is held on the open stage of with music and sound. You can watch the traditional Uzbek clothing and musical instruments during the festival.

Navruz Festival In Uzbekistan

It is celebrated widely in Uzbekistan for vernal equinox where the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of Sun. This time also marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Every year, it is always celebrated on 21st March in Uzbekistan. It’s also known as Persian New Year and also celebrated in Western and Central Asia.

Navruz Festival In Uzbekistan
Navruz Festival In Uzbekistan

This festival is usually held in the day where day and night are equal. You can enjoy the samsa, plov, nishalda, sweet deserts of whipped egg whites, and sugar as the traditional Uzbekistan Foods.

Explore 11 Days Cultural And Exotic Uzbekistan Group Tour With Euroasia Travel

Have you imagined the beautiful and simple life while watching the sunset on the desert barchans, fishing in the wild lake, and spending night in the village? To make your life peaceful, make your mind fresh, and keep you energetic, Euroasia Travels offers varieties of Uzbekistan Tour Packages among which “11 Days Cultural AndExoticGroup Tour” is one of the Best Uzbekistan Tourism Packages.

The Uzbekistan Tour Packages not only keep you energetic and fresh but also give the opportunities to explore the Uzbekistan culture and doing some new activities. You can do trekking, participate in cooking classes, enjoying traditional events, cuisine, visiting local markets, villages, and local schools.

Cultural And Exotic Uzbekistan Group Tour
Cultural And Exotic Uzbekistan Group Tour

The Uzbekistan Tour Package offers you 11 days and 10 nights to explore the Uzbekistan culture and tradition.

On the First day of your arrival at Tashkent International Airport, we will take you to the booked hotel in Tashkent City to give you a comfortable sleep.
On the second day, you have to flight for Urgench and drive from Urgench to Khiva. The real-time for the cultural tour starts actually from 11:00 AM at Itchan-Kala Fortress, one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Spend the day under the open sky of the living museum. Other sites you will visit Kunya-Ark Citadel, Tash-Khovli Palace, Muhammad Aminkhan Madrasah, Muhammad Rahimkhan Madrasah.

After lunch, you will visit Ata-Darvaza, KaltaMinar, TashHauli- palace of Allakulihan Khan of Khiva, AllaKuli Han’s Tim and Caravanserai, Pahlavan Mahmud Gates and Mausoleum, Mausoleum of SeydAllaudin, Minerat and Islam-Khoja Madrasah, Mosque and Jami Minaret.

You will have your dinner with live folk music at 9 PM.

On the 3rd day, after breakfast, you will drive to Bukhara where you will visit Bolo Khauz Mosque and buy a souvenir from the street road of Registan square, and caravan roads. You can enjoy the beauty of Ark Fortress or Ark Citadel and also visit Po-i-Kalyan Complex-the Kalyan Minaret and Kalyan Mosque.

You will have your dinner at Nadirdebanbegi Madrasah with traditional folk and fashion show.

On the 4th day, you will visit Bukhara to enjoy the most famous architectural designs like IsmoilSomoniyMousaleum, ChashmaAyubMousaleum, Bolo Khouz Complex, LyabiKhaus Ensemble, and trading domes of Bukhara.

On the 5thday, after breakfast, you have to depart from Bukhara for Nurata Mountain to see the Nurata complex, the holy spring of Nur and, the remains of the watchtower fortress of Alexander the Great. Then from Nur, you will visit the Yurt camp in the Kyzyl Kum desert. The yurt camp is located 10 km from the coast of the lake “Aydarkul” and decorated with handmade carpets and shreds of local craftsmen. You can find stationary toilet and showers with plumbing fixtures, a yurt wardroom for lunch, and dinner inside of the yurt camp.

On the night, you can enjoy the Folklore performance of akyn at campfire, stars and Milky Way from the Barakha.

On the 6th day, you will enjoy the camel riding on the way to Lake Aydarkul or “turquoise sea in the sands”. This is the real miracle of nature as the lake is located in the middle of the Kyzylkum desert.

On the 7th day, you will spend on hiking around Asraf village and enjoy the flora and fauna of the village. You will meet the Uzbeks, Tadjiks, and Kazakhs, the ethnic groups. After your lunch, you will transfer to Samarkand.

On the 8th day, you will visit BibiKhanum Mosque, the biggest mosque in Central Asia and GhakhiZinda Necropolis, a pilgrimage site, in Samarkand.

On the 9th day, you will visit Metros paper mill, the ancient paper mill which produces Samarkand paper and The Mausoleum of Gur Emir, the burial place of Tamer Lang. After lunch, you can enjoy the Madrassa of Ulugbek, Madrassa SherDor, and the Tilla-Kyori Mosque. You must visit Saint Daniel Mazar, the only place in Central Asia for Muslim, Jewish, and Christian. The Ulugbek Observatory is the biggest observatory to enjoy.

In the evening, you will be transferred to Tashkent through “Afrosiyab”, a high-speed train.

On the 10th day, after breakfast, you have to go to Charwak Mountain and meet the local life of Uzbek village. On the Chimpgan hill, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the landscape of the Ugam-Chatqal mountain range and Charwak Lake through a hot air balloon ride.

You have to return to Tashkent for dinner and to enjoy the belly dance live performance.

On the 11th day, it is very sad to say that you have to leave. You will transfer to Tashkent International Airport.

Gear Up And Start To Explore The Culture Of Uzbekistan With Euroasia Travel

Do not waste your vacation days. Gear Up And Start To Explore The Culture Of Uzbekistan. Leave your busy schedule and keep yourself fresh and energetic. It is guaranteed that the Uzbekistan Tours will be your memorable tour forever in your life.

You can choose from some of the best Uzbekistan Tour Packages from EuroAsia Travels that provides some of the most excellent services and best accommodations in the country. Feel the ultimate Uzbek Culture and history in your spirit by exploring some of the historic monuments, mosques, Madrassa with Euroasia Travels.

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