Enjoy Most Electrifying Night Spots In Uzbekistan Tours

Enjoy Most Electrifying Night Spots In Uzbekistan Tours

Bored with your daily life and wishing an exciting break? Then you should go on a refreshing Uzbekistan Tours. A thriving experience at Uzbekistan will fill you with the relaxation, which your life is craving for. The rocking nightlife of Uzbekistan is one of the best tourist spots where travelers find a mixture of ancient art with the contemporary lifestyle.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go On Trips To Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is regarded as the most attractive tourist place in Asian history. If you love the ancient Silk Road then Uzbekistan is the perfect place for you. It has become the choice of art lovers for its art and culture. We are presenting some major reasons here, for which people have a special attraction for Uzbekistan.

SAMARKAND: It is the centre of attraction in central Asia. The magnificent artwork and the tastiest bakeries present over here makes it the most travelers’ stopovers. It also comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

BUKHARA: The massive royal fortress, in Bukhara, reminds of the glorious past. There are 140 archaeological monuments present in the city.

TASKENT: This is the capital city of Uzbekistan, having a Soviet influence. It also offers rafting, hiking, dine-in restaurants etc.

ARCHITECTURAL MARBLES: This is the place where you will find the most attractive marbles of Uzbekistan. The Persian-Mongolian architectural touch is found in the Gur-E-Aamir is Mausoleum in as Uzbekistan Highlights.

ADVENTUROUS SPORT:  The most adventurous place in Uzbekistan includes four places like Beldersay, chimgan, Hayat Village, and Aidarkul Lake. The sporty activities like hiking, rafting are offered here.

DELIGHTFUL DRINK: Uzbekistan Tours is famous for the unique drinks as locals and vodka at the top of the list among the several drinks served here. There are other popular drinks, called as BOZO, which is made up of millet and the Shubat, made by fermenting caramel milk.

UZBEK CUISINES: Uzbekistan Food plays a vital role for foodie travels. There are several Uzbeki must-try dishes here like plov or pilaf. This is also famous as the national dish.

If you want detailed assistance for it then please check our page Uzbekistan Tour Advices.

When To Party In Uzbekistan?

When To Party In Uzbekistan?

Generally, people remain busy in their weekdays. You can say weeknights are just like dead nights. But on weekends the whole city grooves in parties. So if you are wondering about an exciting party in Uzbekistan, you must jump there on weekends, especially on Friday. Please step to our page, Uzbekistan Travel Guide for more information.

What To Wear In Uzbekistan?

Typical Uzbekistan women generally wear traditional cloth which covers ankles and wrists. However, as a traveller, you can wear modern jeans and skirts in parties. We recommend you to keep your comfy cloth pair, flip flops, sweaters, shorts, socks skirts etc. do not forget your sunglasses and hat. So Uzbekistan does not have any dress code except the religious places.

Cost Of Partying In Uzbekistan:

The cost for partying in Uzbekistan seems a little cheaper, since the national currency, Uzbek som. Badly devaluated in the international market. You can get a better deal on reselling a dollar on Uzbek Street than collecting it from an ATM.

Transportation In Uzbekistan is mostly done by taxis, where a 10 min ride costs around $3. A dinner party in a good dined restaurant costs$10-$15 for two people and a cocktail costs around $3 to $6. Overall one night in Uzbekistan costs $60.

 Best Bars And Nightclubs In Uzbekistan:

Best Bars And Nightclubs In Uzbekistan

Before you start your journey to spend an electrifying nightlife in Uzbekistan you must know the best bars and restaurants in Uzbekistan. Here we want to help you out for deciding your Bucket list for your Trips To Uzbekistan.

·         Pasha Bar and Restaurant – Elegant and Posh

This is the most popular bar and Restaurant in Uzbekistan having the best food and drinks. You can throw your stress and tension after grooving in this environment.

·         Opera Nightclub

This is the perfect destination if you want a disco night with your group. It is situated in Rashidov Street in Tashkent. This craves many travellers for the Asian and European dishes with chilling music.

·         Patrick’s Pub:

It is known as the oldest pub in Tashkent. This is also famous for the authentic Uzbek food with complimentary drinks offered there.

·         Dudek Brewery Bar:

The name depicts it all, the founder of this bar was Miroslav Brewery, who dedicated his life to Brewery. This bar serves only Czech cuisine and fresh beer. The ambience has some vintage look with lovely music.

·         York Pub:

This pub offers a professional live dance floor. It is listed as one of the best pubs in Uzbekistan.

·         BONE-Steak Pub:

It is the best place for Hookah lovers. It has also great arrangements for late-night parties with amazing steak and tender drinks.

·         CMI Afterparty Bar:

It is an extremely popular bar with a vast menu and more than 50 refreshing mocktails. You will find a sudden wake-up ring in your taste buds after trying it.

·         Irish Pub:

Here you can enjoy watching your live football international matches with your favourite drink. It is also a well-known pub for its classic collection of wine and beer. You can enjoy every ship with the music, playing in the background.

·         Ye Olde Chelsea Arms:

Head out toward the Ye Olde Chelsea arms to enjoy the lavish interior, local & imported beverages and mouth-watering snacks. It is a British style pub where you can spend a relaxing evening.

·         Peggy’s Bar:

This place is just a dreamland of all passionate music lovers. This is the most famous place in Uzbekistan for Mexican tastes.

·         AlisherNovoi Theatre:

It is the national opera theatre of Uzbekistan, situated in Tashkent.

·         Night in Bukhara:

The rocking night clubs, delicious cuisines and delightful cocktail make the Bukhara Night feels like Pattaya. It has the hottest nightlife spots like Silk Road Spices, cafe Wishbone, Cafe Segafredo, tea-coffee khona and many more. You can flush out your stress in the electrifying nightlife in Bukhara, by grooving your feet with the music.

·         Night in Khiva:

Get yourself a colorful night in Khiva. Like Bukhara, it has a lot of restaurants bars, and pubs. This city is famous for the monuments it covers. The enlightened views of these archaeological pieces, makes it unique on your Uzbekistan Tours.

 You can visit Restaurants in Uzbekistan for a more detailed list of different restaurants with the costs.

Uzbekistan is the best destination if you are tired of your stressful routine and you require a break. It is the place to rejoice. You will have The Best Uzbekistan Tour with Eurasia Travels. If you have an eye on our page, Uzbekistan Tours And Travels, you will find the best offers for your next Trip To Uzbekistan.

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