Want To Make Your Travel In Uzbekistan Easier And Low-Priced? Read On …

The turquoise domes of Tamerlane’s Samarkand – world’s most evocative architectural symbols in the Islamic world, welcome you to the most beautiful tourist destination in Central Asia.

Uzbekistan Tourism is home numerous photogenic mosques, madrasas and mausoleums everything place in a shade of sapphire blue or turquoise. Uzbek lies between two main rivers Syr Darya and Amu Darya; it is bordered by Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afganistan and Turkmenistan.

Uzbekistan Tour

Uzbekistan is an extremely friendly country where hospitality is given more importance and you will be made to feel genuinely welcome by the people you meet.

It is central Asia’s biggest attraction and most evoking showstopper!

We have researched few things to make your Uzbekistan Travel easier and low-priced:

Many Nationalities Get Free Access To Uzbekistan Without A Visa:

As per the new Uzbekistan Visa Policy, many nationalities get free access to Uzbekistan without a Visa, this attracts many new travellers and makes country an attractive destination.

The visa free travel varies from 90 days, 60 days and 30 day stay; the period of time which they can spend in Uzbekistan differs from nationalities.

90 Days – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

60 Days – Only Kyrgyzstan

30 Days – Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Turkey

However, there is a list of 60 countries, so you can check with the particular embassy before you book.

Most Popular Cities To Visit In Uzbekistan Are: 

: Tashkent City is the modern capital and the largest city of Uzbekistan. It lies on the main attraction of Great Silk road from China to Europe.

Tashkent is generally a safe place to visit. However, you will need to use the same caution which you use in the large city.

You can visit the Chorsu bazaar and pick up some dry fruits, handicrafts, household, cheap ceramics and many more.

Samarkand: The City Of Samarkand is the crossroad for culture for almost 3 millennia and it is the most attractive sites on the silk routes traversing central Asia. It has abundant natural resources and craft production.

The main destinations to visit here are; Amir Taimur Statue, Rukhobod Mausoleum, Climb Minarates for great view of Registan square, street of Mausoleums (Shah-i-Zinda) a pilgrim sight.

Try the best Iranian pistachios and local dried apricots.

Bukhara: Bukhara City has the main architectural sights. It is the holy city of Muslims world. It has many mosques, shrines, madrasas preserved from the ancient times.

The main destinations in Bukhara are; Kalyan minaret, Khoja-Gaukushon, Lyabi-Hauz, Samanids mausoleum, Chashma-Ayub, Trading domes, Ark Citadel and many more.

Khiva: Khiva City is split into two parts, Dichan kala and itchan Kala. This retains more than 50 hostoric monuments and 250 old houses.

Climb the Juma minaret spire - highest point of khiva, to get a wide angle view of city.

Tourists Are Welcomed And Tourism Is Being Actively Developed:

The tourism is well developed in the recent times. The warm and gently hospitality of the Uzbekistan people will welcome new tourists to the country.

It is opening up to tourists with direct flights and easier visa process.

Uzbekistan stores more than two million artefacts, evidence of historical, cultural and spiritual life of the Central Asian peoples. Uzbekistan Attracts Tourists with its archaeological, historical, architectural and natural treasures.

It is aiming to become a eco-tourism being in the heart of central Asia.

Most International Flights Land In Tashkent, The Capital Of Uzbekistan:

The main air links in central Asia is through Tashkent also, which has some international connecting flights too. This makes the time to travel less and also the price low compared to the other connectivity’s.

The Languages Spoken Are Mainly Uzbek And Russian – Some Younger Locals Speak English:

The main Uzbekistan language belongs to the south-eastern or Turkic language group. Uzbek is spoken by about half a million people while about one-seventh population speaks Russian.

However, some of the local youngsters speak English and would be very happy to guide you in your Uzbekistan Tour.

The Local Currency Is Uzbek SOM (UZS):

The Uzbekistan currency is SOM, which was introduced on July 1st 1994 and it was introduced at a rate of 25 SOM was equal to 1 US Dollar and now 1000 SOM bill is worth 60 cents US.

Som is written on the back side of the notes, among the value of the bill in 15 official languages of the union.

The word Som means ‘pure’ in Kyrgyz and Uzbek and this implies “Pure Gold”.

Cash Is Mainly The Currency Of Choice But Some Larger Stores And Hotels Take Credit Card:

Having cash in hand is really important here, as most of the places accept only cash and some larger stores or other big hotels accept credit cards.

Paying with credit cards is possible in a few high end hotels and restaurants. You can also get cash advances on your card. Visa is more widely accepted than Master card.

Remember, Uzbekistan is a cash economy and paying with credit card is highly unusual, hence 3% commission would be normal here.

Banks Can Exchange Foreign Currency To SOM And There Are Increasing Numbers Of ATM Machines For Different Card Types In The Main Cities:

Banks can exchange foreign currency to SOM, if you are visiting bank carry these:

  • Passport
  • Make sure money is crisp and clean
  • Bank hours are from 9 to 18, Monday to Saturday

There are exchange machines that make things easier; you do not have to wait in a line at the bank.

ATM machines dispense Uzbek and all the ATM’s are stocked and you can get money from a nearby ATM.

You can use Maestro card, Visa Card and some will also accept Mastercard.

Banks And Money Exchanges Will Only Take Pristine Notes:

Make sure all the notes are clean and crispy notes to exchange at a bank or at a machine, as it accepts only pristine notes to change it into Uzbekistan Currency.

Use Up Your SOM Before You Leave Uzbekistan As You Cannot Exchange This Outside The Country:

The important thing to remember is that you will not be able to change SOM in any other countries. So, make sure you empty all the currency SOM before you leave from Uzbekistan.

Tourist Police Are Active In The Cities And Have Stations Near The Main Tourist Areas:

Uzbekistan Destinations has active tourist police who are tourist friendly to man hotspot around the country.

Trains Run Between The Main Uzbekistan Cities:

Uzbekistan Train Facility has a good railway network and the trains are ideal way to travel between the cities here. Afrosiyob and Sharq have regular trains to Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent. It’s better to find about the different trains and the latest schedule to plan your trip.

Alcohol Is Freely Available:

As Uzbekistan is the main producer of grapes and wine products processing in central Asia. You can get Alcohol easily available within Uzbekistan.

This is also the daily life for many people in Uzbek – Particularly Russians.

Most of the Alcohol available is Vodka, sweet beer wine and sweet champagne. The beer and vodka are often Russian and Shakhrisyabz wine is a sweet Iranian-style wine.

One Of The Main Uzbekistan National Dishes Is Called Plov And Is A Lamb, Veg And Rice Dish:

Uzbekistan Food and Culinary has a close resemblance to it counterparts China and other East Asian countries. You should try some local uzbek cuisine which includes a main dish Plov, Lamb and rice dish.

Plov is made of lightly oiled rice, soft yellow carrots, roasted quail, Lamb, horse meat sausages, quince, while quail eggs and thin pieces of beef. It has a meaty aroma and is an obsession in Uzbekistan.

There Are No Strict Dress Guidelines In Uzbekistan:

There should not be a problem of dressing style in Uzbekistan.

However, you will need to dress respectfully in religious places and practising mosques. You will need to cover your hands, shoulders and legs.

Apart from the religious places, outside in the city you will not find any of the restrictions in dressing style. Long pants and long sleeve dresses are more recommended.

So, according to our research we have mentioned the above guide to make your travel easier in Uzbekistan.

Hope this helps you to plan your next Uzbekistan tour and Euroasia Travels has all the Uzbekistan Tour Packages which will suit your needs. Remember us when you plan!

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