Traveling Around Uzbekistan – 10 Top Things Need To Know For A Splendid Vacation

If you want to see and experience the mixed Arabian culture, archaeology and life style, Uzbekistan is the best place for your vacation. With various Uzbekistan Destinations, you will get surprised by the way towards culture and natural beauty.

The Uzbekistan Tour Packages will lead you to Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Tarmez and Kokand. These greatest and ancient cities will show you the dazzling beauty of Arabian culture and tradition. All these cities are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


If you want to visit Uzbekistan for tourism, then you don’t need to worry about. Because the Uzbekistan Visa requirements and the process is very simple.

Uzbekistan has different visa rules and policies for different nation. Uzbekistan allows some country’s people to live in Uzbekistan for specific period. Some nation allowed for e-Visa and some are allowed to Visa-free transit.

The Documents Required For The Tourist Visa Are:

A passport valid for 6 months, A copy of your passport, Two passport photos, Uzbekistan application form (which needs to be filled and printed), Your Letter Of Invitation (LOI), if needed. The one have LOI can get Visa on the same day. The normal process for visa takes 4-5 days.  

The people those who apply e-Visa don’t need LOI. Fill out the online application and get the Uzbekistan e-Visa today!

The e-Visa introduced by Uzbekistan on 15 July 2018. The cost for electronic visa is US$20. It takes 2-3 days. It is valid for 30 days from the date of application.


Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan has good transport system. As the Tashkent International Airport is there, there are no difficulties for tourists, professionals or business man to travel.

During your stay, you have option to travel whether by bus, metro, tram, taxi, trolleybus. If you want to travel without spending more money, then the metro option is best for you as there are three metro lines in the city.

In Uzbekistan, foreign travellers have provided Minivans, Sedans (Passenger cars), and Tour Buses. In the country, major cities are connected through rail, bus, air, taxis. Bringing comfort and quality into consideration, one should hire personal taxi for travel or can enjoy modern high speed train for intercity transportation.

In case of urban bus, you may feel comfortable but will get disappoint because of unavailability of location signs. For the local people, the minibus is user-friendly for them.

Travelling by air is a best option, who wants to travel between cities and towns in case of quality and comfort.

The vast majority always want to discover Uzbekistan on a map, let's start Getting Around Uzbekistan with safe local transport by border navigation.


Most important thing, before going Uzbekistan, it is advisable to not to bring any kind of pain killer or sleeping pills as these are illegal in this country. Before journey to Uzbekistan, one should take advice from Travel Health Pro website. 

From this, you should enquire about vaccination because of infectious and dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid, rabies, measles, meningitis, chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, diphtheria, influenza etc...

One should be aware of unhygienic food and water for infection and diseases. You should avoid contaminated food and water. Avoiding tap water, exposed cooked food, food served at room temperature, raw or undercooked meat, unpasteurized dairy products, can make you safe from diseases.

You should be aware of bug bites by using insect repellent, bed-net, etc. As Uzbekistan weather is dry, you should cover up most of the body parts.

Travellers with immune suppression, inflammatory bowel disorders, and chronic diseases should take precautions before travel. For more information, you can go through Uzbekistan Health & Safety as well.


When it comes to Uzbekistan Packing List, then most important things to check is Travel documents. You have to check the expiry date of your passport, visa, and other photocopies of documents like passports, visa, ticket, insurance etc.

N.B - Bring Medicines With You In Their Original Packets.

Take enough Uzbekistani so’m for the trip because transaction in this country mostly based on the cash. Though outside of major tourist area credit cards is used to make payment, keeping local currency with you will make your transaction free of hurdle.

N.B - Do not forget to take internationally accepted credit card.

Camera is the must to include in packing with memory cards, batteries and chargers as Uzbekistan have beautiful tourist places. You should take electronics devices and entertainment things to enjoy on the way like listening good music, watching movies or videos, reading the book of your interests.

For clothing, you have to bring cloth according to the weather you are travelling. As Uzbekistan is a dry country, packing of dress with long sleeves, long pants are necessary. This kind of dressing is also helpful, if you visit any religious places. Pack swim suit if you are going to stay in any hotel with pools. Bringing good quality walking shoes is must.

N.B - Before Packing Don’t Forget To Bring Full Personal Medical Kit.


Uzbekistan is one of the country among Central Asia countries. The weather little varies as temperature fluctuates, but travelling between summer and winter is a good idea. As most of the areas are dry and continental, visiting in rainy season is a good idea. But one can go in Summer and Winter as well to avoid crowds.

  • The Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan is in spring, fall and autumn time, if you are heading towards the plain. So the best time to travel is April to June and September to November. But in these months there is heavy rainfall in mountain regions.
  • In winter season, avoid to go to the north. Avoid going to there in July and March for the too much hot and too much-wet weather respectively.
  • For sporting activities like rafting, kayaking, September and October is best for you. For an exploration of low attitude, natural scenery, the time between March and May is best choice for you.
  • Visit Termez, the hottest town of Uzbekistan, only in between April and May, September and October.

N.B - In Uzbekistan, March Is The Rainiest Month Of The Year.


As Uzbekistan is a landlocked country, it shares its borders with five countries. But it is safe except some other reason behind. So Getting To Uzbekistan is a big option to be found out before travelling.

  • Tashkent International Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Central Asia and also the main airport of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways is connected to all major cities of Uzbekistan in regular basis. It costs US$5 for a taxi to the center.
  • Airports are in Samarakand, Tashkent, Bukhara and Urgench with price US$25 – US$50.
  • If you want to travel through bike, East Line Tour Company can provide you bike.
  • Many high speed trains are available connected to Samarakand, Tashkent, and Bukhara. You can enjoy a modern high-speed train Afrosiyab with comfortable and quality experience.
  • Taxis are cheap in the Uzbekistan cities which cost US$1.25 for a 10-15 minute ride. You need to hire marked taxi with licensed driver and be aware of bribe taken at traffic or stoppages.


There are many old houses, merchant houses, traditional homestays, and desert yurts with luxurious comfort places to stay around Uzbekistan. All you have to do is register through online before 3 days of arriving. Uzbekistan Accommodation offers a unique design of the rooms, amusing decoration and good service.

  • In Samarkand, there are two family-run B&B places, named, Antica B&B, Jahongir B&B. Other accommodation in Samarkand are: Platan Hotel, L’Argamak Hotel, DiliMah Hotel, Hotel GalaOsiyo.
  • In Bukhara, there are two places, you would like stay are K. Komil Bukhara Boutique Hotel and Samani Bukhara. Other places are Amulet Hotel, Hotel Fatima Boutique, Emir Bed and Breakfast, and Hotel Khurjin.
  • In Khiva, staying close to or inside of Itchan Kala can give better quality experience in city. Two hotels are Euro-Asia and Orient Star Khiva Hotel (Unique). Other hotels are Bek Khiva Hotel, Arkanchi Hotel, Zukhro Boutique Hotel and Qosha Darvoja Hotel.
  • In Tashkent, staying in a place which is close to metro, is preferable. The famous places or hotels to stay are, Hyatt Regency Tashkent Hotel, Ichan Qal’a Premium Class Hotel, Aster Hotel and Navruz Hotel.


In this Uzbekistan Travel Guide, you'll find the best Uzbekistan Food experiences during your trip.

  • Uzbekistan style or method of cooking/cuisine is most savoury and have various tastes makes it famous in Central Asia. The names of foods makes a smell or sense to anyone results in craving for the same. Famous name like Plov, manti, lagman, shaslik, sasma can make anyone’s mouth watery.
  • In case of drinks, soups are made of different vegetables as carrot, onion, beets, greens, and various spices.
  • The most popular soup is shurpa. There arwe different varieties of shurpa are available such “shurpa-chaban, shurpa-mash, kaurma-shurpa” etc... Mastava is another popular drink of Uzbekistan.
  • Tea is also a popular drink of Uzbekistan. Popular teas are “kuk choy”, “kora-choy” etc.


See every Languages & Culture In Uzbekistan, along with its location, population, and more

  • The “Uzbek” is the official language of Uzbekistan. It came from Turkic language close to Kazakh and Kyrgyz.
  • In this country, sunni muslim population is higher than shia (15%). As it was under soviet, you can see a spark of Russian culture in it.
  • There are minorities such as Kazakhs, Tatars, who all host their culture with central Asian customs. Keeping bread on the floor or ground (even in the box) can hurt them. It is normal to remove shoes while entering anyone’s house.
  • Removing shoes and wearing long dresses before entering to any holy place. Hospitality is the best thing you can get from them.


After seeing all points of view, we will recommend traveling once to Uzbekistan because of its dazzling, mesmerizing architecture. Food is another important thing that can attract anyone in our point of view. Because of the archeological sites or ancient architecture design, Uzbekistan is heaven for each photographer. True hospitality, genuine and friendly nature of people will left you speechless.

Euroasia Travels offer you the services which make your Uzbekistan Holidays memorable with pleasant experience. We are providing Uzbekistan Travel Guide to make your tour comfortable and safe through our personalized services, guidance and attention. All our tour guides are well trained, competent and experienced. To know more about us, please visit us @

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