Shopping In Uzbekistan: A Guide to Buy Rare Souvenirs In Uzbekistan

Who doesn’t want to buy the rare souvenirs of Uzbekistan! The souvenirs items like fashions, arts, sculptures, etc. which makes travelers and tourists crazy to buy it.

The mesmerizing arts drawn on different things that are related to Uzbekistan’s Culture and traditions attract many tourists in their Uzbekistan Tours And Travels to make it their own. Without making any purchase of rare souvenirs make your Uzbekistan Travel will not be one of your Best Uzbekistan Tours. You can’t avoid when crossing through the colorful bazaars having beautiful colored and well-designed souvenirs.

During your Uzbekistan Tours, you will fall in love with the colours of souvenirs. Let us give you some information as Uzbekistan Travel Tips about the finest rare beautiful souvenirs of Uzbekistan.

Guide To Shopping In Uzbekistan

Shopping In Uzbekistan

Prices and Negotiation in Uzbekistan

Shopping of souvenirs is unfulfilled without a price negotiation at any place of the world. For a strong negotiation, you need to know “How Much You Want It” or “Walk Away” and “How Much Price You Are Willing To Pay?

If your expected price matches with the seller price, then “ready to go” is your situation. So buying is the best option you have.

Shopping In Uzbekistan involves price negotiation between buyer and seller. Don’t walk away and ask for the discount on the price.

Attitudes Of Shopkeepers While Shopping

You will experience the gentle and respectful attitudes of Uzbekistan shopkeepers. You will receive the most pleasant attitude of shopkeepers.

They will show you everything with the varieties of items in their shop. If you are not willing to buy anything, then they will say you “Goodbye, Have a great day”. No one will push you for marketing.

What To Buy In Uzbekistan

Silk Jackets

Silk Jackets in Uzbekistan gain the popularity for its specific style of colored print, known as “ikat”. You have to find deeply as this kind of jacket fully made of silk or pure quality is not available in every shop. Having a silk blend, it costs in between $ 20 and $ 40. You can find the shop with availability of silk jackets in Tashkent City.

Embroidered Jackets

In your Uzbekistan Tour, the embroidered jackets will definitely attract you with its designs and colours. For silk embroidered jackets, you will get a better price deal in Samarkand City and Tashkent City rather than Bukhara. The price is $ 50 in Samarkand and Tashkent whereas the price is $ 100 for embroidered jacket in Bukhara.

If you give priority to the quality rather than cost, then you can buy embroidered jackets with a cost of $ 200 in the shops in the Barakhan Madrasah of Hazrati Imam Complex In Tashkent. To check the jacket, you have to look inside of it. If the knots have been tied on the back-side of the fabric, then the jacket is the best quality and handmade which will cost you more. If there is not any knots tied on the backside, then the jacket is machine-made and also with a low cost.


The vibrantly colored silk scarves have been major attractions for the foreign tourists. The thin transparent silk scarves will cost you more than $ 7, and the thick embroidered scarves have a starting cost price of $ 20.

Though the non Muslim tourists are not eager to cover their heads but also fall in love with its colour.

Crochet Hats

Crochet Hats looks similar to the hats of religious men, where it is actually made of colourful woven pattern.

The starting price of newly designed hats is $ 10 where the old antique hats are little bit expensive.

Fur Hats

With a starting price of $ 30, fur hats have gained the popularity for the fun as an Uzbekistan souvenir. But the extremely furry hats will give you a silly look, but you can gift it to your friend after returning from Uzbekistan.

There is no problem if you want to take photo which will cost you only $ 0.15. You can find the fur hats in Bukhara.

Crochet Pouches

Famous for the style and colours with its woven patterns, crochet pouches will cost you around $ 5. But the crochet caps price is in between $ 10- $ 15. The crochet pouches and larger bags are in high demand because of its usefulness.

Embroidered Bags

Having a wide range of price and quality, embroidered bags are very common in all shops of Uzbekistan. For a medium size bag, the price is in between $ 15 to $ 20. Buying a high quality well-made purses or bags in the markets near mausoleums is nearly impossible. These bags are similar in style with a thin lining and a flimsy zipper.

To get a unique nag, you should go to Dor-Us Siyadat Complex in Shakrisabz. These bags are not for a regular and home use purpose but can be used as a fashionable bag while chilling out with friends in the night.

Embroidered Blankets 

Embroided blankets have a brightly colored floral pattern weaved on its front side. Some blankets are made of cream-colored cotton material and also available in a wide range of quality and price. These blankets also called as “suzani”, which will cost you $ 100 in Samarkand and $ 150 in Bukhara.

Not similar with embroidered, actual cloth material is a nice material which is the blend of silk and cotton. For a queen size, it will cost you around $ 200.

Uzbek Rugs

Rugs are high in price in between $ 800 to $ 1000, for a camel hair and silk carpet. You will see varieties in terms of price and quality.

To check out for the quality, you have to pull one of the fringe strings on the end. If you see the pulled string for the entire length of the rug, then it’s hand-made with a high quality, otherwise, it is machine-made.

Ceramic Plates

Hand Forged Steel

In Bukhara, you can see the shopkeepers who forge the steel to make a unique knife or scissors and swords. With a well-designed blade, they use bone as handles. The price varies in between $ 30 to $100.

Wooden Dolls

Wooden dolls heads are made of wood or plastic. Soft limbs are also used in making the dolls. The dress of dolls looks like traditional Uzbekistan cloths. To buy for the little one or for a gift to the child, you can buy it with $ 5 for smallest and $ 10 for largest.

Ceramic Figurines

You can find little and larger ceramic figurines almost everywhere in Uzbekistan with small ones for sale and larger ones guarding the doors of others. The figurines can be used for the decoration on your home. It will cost you $ 15 for larger one and $ 5 for smallest.

The bread of Uzbekistan is in a rounded shape with a large indent in its middle part. The center of the bread has a unique pattern like a stamp. The bread stamps have a metal base for stamping and a wooden handle is for gripping. To bake and stamp your home-made bread, you can buy it in between $ 6 to $ 10 based on the size and design.

Copper Plates

In your tour, you can see shopkeepers etching the copper plates in hand. The price is varies in between $ 80 to $ 15o depending on the size and quality. The actual negotiated price is $ 60 for the copper plate.


Also known as “Tubeteika”, it is the traditional Uzbek cap. For its design and colour, it is quite famous and also comes in round or square skull shape. You can get it in a price range of $ 1 - $ 5.

Camel Wool Socks

The uniqueness of this sock is that it is woven from camel wools. To get the warm comfort in harsh winter or cold condition, it will help you. The unique hand-made sock is available in every cities of Uzbekistan.

Blue Crockery

The crockery is blue and a white design; those are used in all restaurants and homes. The starting price is $ 11 and available in the markets of every city of Uzbekistan.

Silk Carpet

The best place to buy Silk carpet is Samarkand. Though the silk carpet is a little expensive, but it’s unique and of high quality. It will cost you $ 750 to $ 1000.


Navat is a sugar crystal that has multiple shapes and also served with tea. It is actually made by condensed sugar syrup or grape juice. In some navat, the spices are added to make it more delicious.

Do not forget to take the Uzbekistan souvenirs that you’re interested in. Start a journey to Uzbekistan to fulfill your desire. Euroasia Travel is one of the Best Uzbekistan Tours providers that can make your Uzbekistan Tours easy and comfortable. Let's have some Practical Information Of Uzbekistan to make your trip pleasant and comfortable.

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