Planning Your Turkmenistan Tours Post Quarantine? Six Things You Should Know About Your Turkmenistan Visa

Why Should Turkmenistan Be Your Next Destination?

“How wonderful it would be to live life on a Visa, Travelling across seas and continents without, exploring unseen lands and revisiting their stories.”

Many of us wonder this but only a few dare to live their dreams. However, whether you have the travel bug in you or not, Turkmenistan Tours must be on your next travel bucket list this year.

The country carries the historical burden of wars and natural disasters. Despite this Turkmenistan has evolved into a modernized country and has undergone a great transformation in terms of infrastructure and economic development. Ashgabat City  has turned into a mini Dubai and you will feel more at home and less alienated here.

However, this doesn’t mean the country has lost its historic touch. The rich culture has been restored for various generations. The uniqueness of the country coupled with its rich aesthetics makes it a destination worth visiting. While planning your trip to this exclusive country, here are six things you must know about your travel visa.

  1. Turkmenistan Visa Policy And Requirements

“So your next Stop is Turkmenistan? The thing you need the most is your Travel Visa!”

A Turkmenistan Visa is required by all travelers planning to transit the country. Visa exclusion policy is only for travelers with special visa permits or is from certain parts of Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan. A Turkmenistan Tourist Visa can be obtained by any foreign national by supplying an invitation letter issued by Euroasia Travels which is a licensed travel agency based in Turkmenistan.

  • Do you have the Letter of Invitation?

“In Turkmenistan, You can’t visit uninvited!”

Apart from filling the Turkmenistan Visa Application, you need to obtain a letter of invitation as Turkmenistan is the strictest country in Central Asia. You can obtain this letter directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan or a registered travel agency like EuroAsia Travels.

Apart from this, you can acquire a transit visa. It may take up to 6 weeks along with some copies of your visas for Iran or Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

  • How to get a Turkmenistan Visa?

“Don’t get caught up in details, let EuroAsia Travels Guide you in your Turkmenistan Visa Application”

After obtaining the Letter of Invitation for your Turkmenistan Tours you can apply for a Turkmenistan Visa, either through a visa company or at the local embassy. The following are the various visa-related information that will come in handy on your trek:

  • Visa on arrival

In case you can’t get a Turkmenistan E-visa you can apply for a Turkmenistan Visa On Arrival at the airport. It is important to know that you will still require a Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa on arrival and the visa is can be obtained in USD cash only.

  • Applying for a visa in advance

Before your Turkmenistan Tours, it is recommended that you obtain a Turkmenistan visa in advance. Upon arrival through overseas travel, you will enter the country through the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan, and arrive at the port of Turkmenbashi. You won’t be able to obtain a visa on arrival here.

  • Registering your visa

You must register your visa within 3 days of entering Turkmenistan. EuroAsia Travels’ tour leader will help you with this. It is requested to carry 2 passport photos for the registration process. The usual Turkmenistan Visa Processing Time is 10 business days.

  • Turkmenistan Visa Fee

For Single entry Turkmenistan Visa Fee for 10 days, the cost of the visa is $35-$55. Multiple entry visas cost $75-$100 for a month. Transit visas cost $35-$55.

  • Turkmenistan Visa For Australian, New Zealand, South African Citizens

“Nothing should stop you from traveling!”

Before your Turkmenistan Tours, you should know that there are no Turkmenistan embassies in Australia, New Zealand, or South African. To obtain a Turkmenistan visa you will have to post your passport to the UK or the USA which is not ideal. For such conditions, you must obtain a visa on arrival at the airport in Turkmenistan.

  • Turkmenistan Visa For Canadian and American Citizens

You can visit the Canadian or American embassy to obtain your visa. The address of the embassy has been mentioned below:


Embassy of Turkmenistan

2207 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20008 USA

TEL: (202) 588 1500


  • Turkmenistan Visa For Uk Citizens

UK citizens can visit the embassies of Turkmenistan in their country. The address of the embassy is mentioned below:

Embassy of Turkmenistan

131 Holland Park Avenue, Kensington, London W11, 4UT

TEL: +44 (0) 207 6105239

Why Choose Turkmenistan Tours With EuroAsia Travels?

“EuroAsia Travels awaits your arrival in the land of Turkmen”

Euroasia Travels will inform you about the various Visa-Free Countries For Turkmenistan and provide you with the necessary travel requirements for transit into the country. Our tour guides will help you enjoy a secure journey in the country.

To know more about the safety precautions that Euroasia Travels has acquired during these times, please contact our travel experts today!

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