How Uzbekistan Shaped To Be The Travel Scene For 2020?

Limited by the sand and snow, fed by snow melted water from the roof of the glaciers, the fertile oasis across Uzbekistan still attracts the travelers. Situated on the ancient trade route Silk road, the turquoise domes of Tamerlane’s Samarkand- some of world’s most evocative architectural symbols- and the holy city of Bukhara which boasts a mosque for each day of the year, and the dessert grilled khanate of Khiva offer the worlds breathtaking architectural legacy. Uzbekistan Tours has some of the most amazing architecture in the Islamic world.

Uzbekistan, socially rich and truly convincing nation alongside the rest of central Asia, has been named the No. 1 travel area for the New Year by Lonely Planet because of its simple access and new visa-free travel capacity.

As Per CNN’s Recent Post, all of these including the new visa free travel ability is attracting tourists and making Uzbekistan a popular destination to visit in 2020.

The Highlights Point Of Uzbekistan To Be Watched Out For:


Uzbekistan has initiated new Uzbekistan visa policies to attract travelers and make the country an attractive destination.

They have visa free travel to 65 countries which varies from 90 days, 60 days, 30 days and 7 days.

So find about Uzbekistan Visa requirements, with where to obtain, application steps and letters of invitations (LOI)


Uzbekistan is really a quite safe country to visit. The cities are fairly small and have a relaxed atmosphere. Travelling In Uzbekistan is really possible and may be more rewarding. It is also very easy to get around by yourself assuming you like to travel independently.


Uzbekistan has amazingly survived their history for over thousand years. The mains are; Timur’s Tomb – It is the largest single block of jade stone on earth.

Khiva’s gaint untouched minaret

Tashkent’s food bazaar

Eerie Ashgabat

The luxury train


The digital platform is putting the countries attractions on top of the ‘to do list’ in recent days. Most of the western travellers are sharing their best experiences in Uzbekistan through Social media. With the support of the west, Uzbek has particularly focused on significant role which social media plays in expanding the tourism sector. That is why USAID partnered with Uzbekistan to promote travel in the central Asian region by inviting travel bloggers to explore and promote the country. "The travel bloggers focused on a wide range of niche tourism markets from adventure and cultural travel to independent and offbeat destinations," according to the US embassy. "Popular Central Asian tourist sites involved in the trip include Samarkand, Charyn Canyon, Karakol, the Fann Mountains, and more", said the embassy.


Uzbekistan Food or the culinary starts with serving a wide number of noodle and dumplings that gives a close resemblance to their counterparts China, Nepal and East Asian countries.

Food in Uzbek is meat heavy. You should also try some local Uzbek cuisine. Some of those are;




Fried Lagman


Dimlama and more...


Uzbekistan Tour Packages offer the heritage of humanity not only with the architectural monuments but world civilizations, world religions and cultural traditions etc.

Some of the best Uzbekistan Tour Packages available to witness the unmatched beauty of nature as well as adventure are:

  • 11 Days Cultural and Exotic Uzbekistan group tour
  • 11 Days silk road Uzbekistan group tour
  • 8 Days History and Uzbekistan group tour
  • 11 Days Navruz package
  • 10 Days volunteer tour package
  • 8 Days pilgrimage tour.

As Euroasia Travels is one of the incoming travel company in Uzbekistan, our mission is to show Uzbek hospitality to all people in the world and make Uzbekistan to reach among top 10 travel destination in the world.

Hope this information would give you a glance to plan for a Tour To Uzbekistan. Happy Travelling!

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