A Guide To Obtain Your Visas For Uzbekistan Destinations After COVID Pandemic

The improved Uzbekistan facilities, the services for sanitary and epidemiological safety in Uzbekistan have shown hope for tourism in the post-COVID-19 era. The tour operators and the tourists have gained confidence as listed certified businesses, by maintaining the new hygiene standards.

Uzbekistan Destinations

“The Real Voyage Of Discovery Consists Not In Seeking New Landscapes, But In Having New Eyes”

Uzbekistan is a culturally rich and historically admirable country which has attracted many empires to rule over the world. Linked with the great ancient trade route Silk Road, the cities of Uzbekistan were the major economical and cultural hubs in Central Asia over long centuries.

The archaeological excavations and the gorgeous monuments in Uzbekistan reflects a long history. The vibrant culture, diversed pleasant nature and delectable cuisine make Uzbekistan Tours to be famed all over the world.

Uzbekistan Visa Policy And Requirements

There is no problem while applying for Uzbekistan Visa as the visa policies are easy and lenient today.

There are total 18 Visa-Free Countries For Uzbekistan which are categorized into three types as per the duration of staying of their citizens. The three types of visa exemption stayings are: for 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

Uzbekistan Visa Policy And Requirements

Uzbekistan E-visa was introduced by Uzbekistan since 15 July 2018 for a period of up to 30 days

  • The e-visa portal provides the single, double and multiple-entry tourist or business visas for individuals.
  • An e-visa allows entry into Uzbekistan up to 30 days and valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.
  • Each traveller must have his or her own e-visa except the children below the age of 16 for Uzbekistan Tours.
  • Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time can go up to 10 working days in case of the documents have been submitted properly.

Requirements for Uzbekistan Tourist Visa are:

  • The Applicant must have a valid passport with a validity of 90 days from the day of entering into Uzbekistan and at least one blank page to affix the visa.
  • Two copies of the visa application form duly completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Two recent passport-sizes colored photographs with white background with having both length and breadth by 2 inches to be pasted on the visa forms.
  • Letter of invitation from inviting partners in Uzbekistan.
  • A detailed covering letter with his designation, name, and purpose of travel, itinerary.
  • Hotel or Residency confirmation.
  • Confirmed return air ticket.

Uzbekistan Visa’s Letter Of Invitation

Letter of Invitation (LOI) or Uzbekistan Visa support helps to apply for a visa to Uzbekistan. On behalf of the tourist, a licensed tour operator must submit a letter of invitation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Visa’s Letter Of Invitation
Uzbekistan Visa’s Letter Of Invitation

Uzbekistan Visa Application Information

After the permission granted by the Ministry and embassy within 7 working days, the tour operator can provide the telex number to the tourist for a reference for visa application.

  • Visa On Arrival

For getting Uzbekistan Visa On Arrival, you have to show your passport with a validity of at least 6 months, return ticketand digital photo to the airport authorities. After paying visa fee in cash, you can get the visa.

  • Applying For A Visa In Advance

If you are from a country which is not listed among the visa-free and e-visa lists, you must apply for the visa support in advance.

  • Information Required

You have to put your personal data, planned date of entry into Uzbekistan, digital photo, and upload a scanned copy of your passport Uzbekistan Visa Application. You have to upload your signature same as it appears in your passport.

  • Uzbekistan Visa Fee

Uzbekistan Visa Fee is US$20 for a single-entry, US$35 for double-entry, and US$50 for multiple-entry visas.

  • Short-stay Visa application fee is 67 USD.
  • Transit Visa application fee is 67 USD.
  • The price of short-stay visa for the age in between 6 and 12 years age is 39 USD
  • The price of single entry long-term visa is 67 USD
Staying For 7 Days USD 40
Staying For 15 Days USD 50
Staying For 1 Month (For Single And Multiple Entry) USD 60
Staying For 3 Months USD 80
Staying For 6 Months (For Single Entry) USD 120
Staying For 6 Months (For Multiple Entry) USD 150
Staying For 1 Year (For Single Entry) USD 160
Staying For 1 Year (For Multiple Entry) USD 250
Transit Visa Cost For Staying 3 Days (Single Entry) USD 40
Transit Visa Cost (Multiple Entry) USD 50

The visa cost for a group with more than 5 person’s for up to 15 days is USD 15 per head while for 30 days; the price is USD 25 per person.

Uzbekistan Visa For Australian Citizens

The Australians Citizens do not need any visa for staying in Uzbekistan up to 30 days from the date of entering into the territory of Uzbekistan. As Australia is listed in 21 Western visa-free countries which are to be introduced in 2021 by Uzbekistan, Australians can enter Uzbekistan after 30 days by paying US$50 at the airport. 

Uzbekistan Visa For Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens are allowed to stay up to 30 days without a Visa In Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Visa For Uk Citizens

The citizens of UK can enter and stay up to 30 days without having an Uzbekistan visa.

Uzbekistan Visa For Us Citizens

Uzbekistan Visa Fees For Us Citizens is US$160 for US citizens with an additional entry cost of US$10 per entry.

Choose Euroasia Travels For A Safe And Secure Journey

Choose Euroasia Travels For A Safe And Secure Journey
Choose Euroasia Travels For A Safe And Secure Journey

We hope this information will help you to make Uzbekistan Tours easier and simple. With an experience of more than 12 years, Euroasia Travels is one of the popular tour operators in Central Asia which provides you each kind of excellent service from booking to the end of the trip. Make your trip to Uzbekistan more enjoyable by visiting.

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