Practical Information About Uzbekistan

Practical Information About Uzbekistan

Overview About Practical Information About Uzbekistan

Surrounded by land locked countries, Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country packed with most beautiful architectural monuments from the ancient times. Practical Information About Uzbekistan is all about to make it easy and hassle-free for a memorable Uzbekistan Tours.

The great work of Uzbekistan Architecture and Uzbekistan Museums hold the history that tells about the conquest of diiferent empires and dynasties on this region fro the ancient times.

Prior to travelling to Uzbekistan, some ideas are there which will help you to get familiarise with the living system in the problems like withdrawing money from ATM, exchanging currency, losing money or any valuathings, best time to visit Uzbekistan, etc.

Practical Information About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Currency

The most important thing is currency that one have to use while purchasing anything as per his/her interest. As per 15th June 2020, 1 USD is equal to 10,222 Uzbeki Som. The difference between exchanging money in black market and any commercial institutions or bank or through large hotels is same while the risk for exchanging money in black market is 50 years prison. So, it’s better to exchange currency by going to any bank branch or National Bank of Uzbekistan and larger hotels.


On Uzbekistan Tours, withdrawing money from the ATM is necessary but, it may put you in risk when you have withdrawn a lot more than your expenses, which may not match with the money you've declared while entering Uzbekistan. The second most important thing is that the ATM machines accept foreign cards but works according to the amount of official currency you have in your account. For Uzbek Soms, Visa cash machine are there while for the US$, Mastercard cash machines are available.

Uzbekistan Shopping

For the shopping, Practical Information About Uzbekistan traditional bazaar is necessary. It is necessary to know where you have to bargain about the prices and where not to. In bazaar, there are private shops and stores selling the souvenirs where you can compare and check the quality before reaching at a negotiated price. As bazaar shows the daily life of the people, you should observe the buyer while purchasing before buying anything from the same stores. The only fixed prices is in the departmental stores. Some of the famous Uzbekistan bazaars are ChorSu bazaars, Alayski Bazaar and Eski Djouva.

Uzbekistan Religion

Among the whole population of Uzbekistan, most of the people belong to Hanafi Sunni and 90% of Uzbek peoples are Muslim. The Christian population is 10% while the majority belongs to Eastern Orthodox. High population of Muslim can be found at Fergana Valley.

Driving In Uzbekistan

Though hiring car is not allowed in Uzbekistan, hiring car is possible through the driver as you need the driver's license for at least 2 years for the rental, as per the regulations. But you need to be aware of the charges more than the usual by getting the Practical Information About Uzbekistan. The practical information can also help to know about the bus timing and the routes, when the driver lies.

Practical Information About Uzbekistan
Practical Information About Uzbekistan
Practical Information About Uzbekistan

Time zone In Uzbekistan

Time in Uzbekistan is 5 hours ahead of GMT or Greenwich Mean Time which is solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich at London.

Registration In Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, you have to register every night during your stay in Uzbekistan. As the tourists hold tourist visa, they will stay in their booked hotels or the guest houses, where they will be registered automatically by the hotels administration as they provide everyone a registration card at the hotel. In case of travelling during the night by train or flight, you have to show the ticket while departing from the country, as per the Uzbekistan Travel Advice.

Uzbekistan Language

The official language is the Uzbek language while most of them also can speak Russian and some says Russian without understanding it. Most of the people speak Russian in Tashkent, Tadjik in Samarkand and Bukhara. Communicating through English will be easy in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

Best Seasons To Visit Uzbekistan

In Spring and Autumn season, the temperature remains moderate in Uzbekistan. The spring season comes in March, April and May while the Autumn season falls in the month of August, September, and October.

Insurance Uzbekistan

Carrying travel insurance with you is an essential thing that can help you in case of any theft or accident. Never forget to include the insurance papers in Uzbekistan Travel Packing List.

Uzbekistan Safety

As Uzbekistan is a safe and hospitable place, there is no need to worry about any crime or robbery. But, for the theft you should aware about some safety tips. The money wallet or purse is an important thing for you and that’s why it should under your clothing. The loss of main documents like currency, traveller’s check, air tickets, passports, and visas, you have to handover your passport to the hotel administration to check the registration details.

Uzbekistan Tipping Guide

The travellers should appreciate the dedication and help of the waiters, guides and drivers. For appreciating their work, an envelope packed with the money should be given individually at the end of the tour or before the departure.

Uzbekistan Public Toilets

Each cafe and bar have the toilet facilities so, for the toilet, you can go to the nearest hotel to use toilet facilities by paying the money. One of the Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan is the toilet facilities which are limited also in its capital, Tashkent.

Uzbekistan Embassies And Consulates

If you want to stay in Uzbekistan for more than a month, then you should register with their embassy or consulate. When a visitor falls in a trouble like being hospitalized, robbed, imprisoned or helpless, the consular officials will help make arrangements to find an interpreter and help to come out from the trouble. In emergency cases, the same authorities can re-issue passports and also provide financial support to get to his/her home.

We hope this Practical Information About Uzbekistan will help you out during the Uzbekistan Tours.

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