Uzbekistan Environment

Uzbekistan Environment

Overview About Uzbekistan Environment

Though Uzbekistan has got the rich and natural diversity, the null economic policies of Soviet Union ruined the rich Uzbekistan Environment. Uzbekistan in Central Asia is famous for its vibrant culture, monuments and unique Uzbekistan Scenery.

Uzbekistan Environment was heavily affected by the high use of agrochemicals, irrigation water from the two rivers, and the lack of water for the treatment of plants. Once was the 4th largest inland sea of the world, Aral Sea has shrunk or evaporated and now more than half of its basin is now a dry, salt waste land which can be seen in Uzbekistan Tours. The salt storms and dusts wreaked the agriculture and ecosystems while highly affecting the health of the population.

A large portion of plant and animal lost, arable land lost, climate conditions changed due to desertification. However, the major Uzbekistan Environment problems are soil salinity due to shrinking of Aral Sea, water pollution and land pollution.

  • Uzbekistan Water Pollution

While on Uzbekistan Tours, be sure where you get the water are pure or well-filtered. As per Uzbekistan Travel Advice, purchasing the new water during the travelling in Uzbekistan as the normal water may contains toxic chemical pollutants due to industrial activities.

As a part of Uzbekistan Environment, the water of Uzbekistan is highly affected due to use of lot of chemicals for cotton cultivation, inefficient irrigation systems, and poor drainage systems. These things led to a high filtration of saline and contaminated water back into the soil. The average application of chemical fertilizers and insecticides increased to 25 kilograms per hectare from 3 kilograms per hectare in 1990 as per the Post-Soviet policies.

The concentration of phenol and oil products of contaminated water of Amu Darya River was not acceptable.

Uzbekistan Environment
Uzbekistan Environment
Uzbekistan Environment
  • Uzbekistan Air Pollution

As per the latest data released on 2016, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita is 3.48 tons per person whereas, the total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Uzbekistan were 214.70 million metric ton in 2014.

Due to the salt and dust storms generated from the bottom of Aral Sea, the Uzbekistan Environment gets affected especially in Nukus City of Karakalpakstan region while heavily affecting the farm crops and health of the people in rural areas. Uzbekistan Climate & Weather for the dust storms are mainly occurs in the spring and autumn season.

Another reason that causes harm to Uzbekistan Environment is the spraying of agricultural chemicals and defoliants for the cotton crop especially in rural areas. The factories and the emissions are making the air of urban areas more polluted. In the atmosphere of Uzbekistan, the high levels of heavy metals like lead, nickel, zinc, copper, mercury, and manganese have been found due to the burning of fossil fuels, waste materials, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy.

  • UzbekistanGovernment Environmental Policy

Uzbekistan Geography Nature is heavily affected when Aral Sea began to shrink and lead to the salty soil.

The State Committee for Environmental Protection was established in 1992 while the NGOs gave more focus for the protection of water resources such as Amu Darya and Syr Dar Rivers as the major reason behind the Aral Sea shrinkage is the withdrawals of irrigation from the Amu Darya and Syr Darya to increase the cotton yields.

Due to the lack of law enforcement, inconsistent government economic and environmental planning, and the overwhelming power centralization, makes the implementation of policies weaker.

As Uzbekistan Scenery is one of the Uzbekistan Highlights, the threats to the environment and health can be minimized while all the political parties together rise to save the environment from the root level.

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