Uzbekistan Geography & Nature

Uzbekistan Geography & Nature

As the country is located between 2 rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya, the Uzbekistan Geography and Nature is very beautiful in central Asia and is most appreciated on Uzbekistan Tours.

The country is surrounded by plateaus and valley, the northern point is Ustyurt plateau, western point is Aral Sea, Southern point is Surkhandarya region and Eastern point is Ferghana valley.

Between the Mountains, there are valleys and plains. The largest valley of Uzbekistan is Ferghana which is the best part of Uzbekistan Nature.

On your Uzbekistan Tours you will encounter a vast diversity of wildlife and landscapes. The desserts of Uzbekistan are Kyzylkum and Karakum. There are also 23 protected areas, reserves and National Parks in Uzbekistan covering a total of 20.5 thousand sqkms, which covers 5% of countries territory.

There are more than thousandsof caves in Uzbekistan. The size and depth of caves in Uzbekistan makes it stand top compared to other caves in central Asia.

Aydarkul Lake:

It is a geographical wonder, which arose from the shore of Kyzylkum Dessert. The lake is more than 3000 sqkms. Aydarkul Lake attracts a lot of Birds and mammals to the lake. It also has a lot of Fish, Birds and Mammals.

Uzbekistan Geography & Nature
Uzbekistan Geography & Nature
Uzbekistan Geography & Nature

Aral Sea:

Aral Sea was a large Salt water lake in Central Asia occupying the northwest end of Uzbekistan. It was home for many species of fishes and birds. But, in 2003 the Sea shrunk into ¼ of the initial size and the 90% water was doomed. This shrinkage made many climatic changes in the country.


Chingman is one of the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan. It is popular for leisure among guests and locals of the capital city. In summer it attracts numerous tourists with its emerald greenery and clean mountain air, Tulips and waterfalls.

Kyzylkum dessert:

It is one of the most extensive dessert in Africa. This dessert is situated between the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers. It occupies almost 3000 sq kms and bordered by river Syrdarya. The largest part of the dessert is sand covered with vegetation.

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