Travel Times In Uzbekistan

Travel Times In Uzbekistan

Spring In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan and its beauty are as fascinating as its history. Its cities tell stories from times immemorial and its architecture is just mesmerizing. Best Season to Visit Uzbekistan is definitely from March to May which when the harsh winter storms would have just ended. It is Spring in Uzbekistan and nature would breathe back life with fresh green leaves and numerous colorful flowers blossoming in the bright and infamous destinations Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Tours

  • Temperature: 71- 88° F / 22-31° C (in Tashkent)

  • Rainfall: 40 - 90 mm

  • Season: Spring

Highlights: Since the weather is incredibly pleasant, this is a great time for you to travel through the Silk Route and the Golden Valley. You can also spend a night at the Kyzylkum Desert before the summer heat begins.

Autumn In Uzbekistan

The unbearable heat of the hot summer is followed by the most awaited romantic season of Autumn In Uzbekistanautumn which most travelerskeep waiting for. This period before the winter starts is one of the Best Times To Visit Uzbekistan as the weather is stunning, and the crowds would have also dissipated.

  • Temperature: 54 - 94° F / 12 - 34° C (in Tashkent)

  • Rainfall: 9 - 58 mm

  • Season: Fall

  • Highlights: The fall season is the Best Travel Times In Uzbekistan and explores the numerous cultural offerings - from the Minaret of Islam Hodja to Samarkand, and the village of Konigil, or the Buddhist city of Termez. To experience a touch of Sufism, you can head to the many mausoleums across the country.

Uzbekistan In Winter

In Uzbekistan Best Time to Visit a not winter as it is severely cold here but still mild compared to other countries in Central Asia. January and February are the coldest months of Uzbekistan in Winter, but even then, the temperatures do not drop too far below zero.

  • Temperature: 49- 53° F / 9 - 12° C (in Tashkent)

  • Rainfall: 38 - 87 mm

  • Season: Spring

  • Highlights: If you are a photographer, this is when to visit Uzbekistan. The skies are extremely clear, and there are little to no visitors in the country, so you will be able to take magnificent photographs! This is a great period to visit Tashkent and explore its beautiful galleries and markets.

Travel Times In Uzbekistan
Travel Times In Uzbekistan
Travel Times In Uzbekistan

Summer In Uzbekistan

Summer in Uzbekistan is the time when school holidays and holidays in Europe begin so it is the peak time in a way for tourists. While June is still bearable, the temperatures begin climbing up by July. This is not the ideal time to visit the country, especially since you will not be able to go on any road trips when the sun is this strong.

  • Temperature: 99 103° F / 37 - 39° C (in Tashkent)

  • Rainfall: 4 - 24 mm

  • Season: Summer

  • Highlights: In case you do have to travel to Uzbekistan during this period, you can seek some recluse in the Fergana Valley, where it will be slightly cooler than in the deserts.

Uzbekistan In Good Season

Spring not just considered a good season but is also a festive time with Navroz and other festivals being celebrated that in which you can mingle with the local population and learn about their culture.

Uzbekistan in Good Season is at its best. During the two-day festival of Navroz, families feast and watch traditional sports including kopkari (horse racing) and kurash (wrestling), and there's plenty of musical entertainment which makes the Spring season the Best Travel Times In Uzbekistan.

In winters, however,Uzbekistan turns terracotta red and gold almost overnight. It's one of the most beautiful times to visit.

Uzbekistan In Low Season

Uzbekistan in Low Season is extremes of summer heat or winter cold. The Uzbekistan Climate has a high-temperature range and is most visited in spring or autumn. Winter in Uzbekistan or summers may not be the peak season, but there are still places that thrive during this period. Winters are the best times to experience the beauty of ancient monuments in peace and tranquillity, away from the summertime crowds. Also, you can explore the three legendary cities of Tashkent, Bukhara, and Samarkand at this time.

Best Season To Visit Tashkent

The best season to visit Tashkent is from March to May and September to November. Although early in May the temperature surges to 40° plus temperatures in Bukhara and Khiva.Uzbekistan Weather is best in the autumn season. It is suitable for a romantic getaway and family trips.

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