Vaccines For Uzbekistan

Vaccines For Uzbekistan

Before you start planning your Uzbekistan Toursyou should be aware of different Vaccines for Uzbekistan that you may or may not require for the travel. Generally, No vaccinations are required before entering Uzbekistan. If you need to bring medicine, you must review the requirements and restrictions for importing pharmaceuticals for personal use, and learn the customs requirements concerning your specific medications.

Doctors recommend all travelers are current with immunizations against hepatitis A, typhoid, and tetanus, and some travelers should consider hepatitis B and rabies as Vaccines for Uzbekistan.

Title Special precautions
Yellow Fever No
Hepatitis A Yes
Typhoid Sometimes
Tetanus Yes
Rabies No**
Malaria No*
Diphtheria Yes

Uzbekistan requires HIV testing for foreigners staying for more than three months. Foreign tests are accepted under certain conditions, but make sure you check with the Embassy in Uzbekistan before traveling.

Uzbekistan also has many medications prohibited or limited. Usually, restricted medications consist of sedative, tranquilizing, and pain-relieving drugs.

If you intend to bring medications on your Uzbekistan Tours which is limited circulation in Uzbekistan, you must declare them on arrival and departure from Uzbekistan in the customs declaration form and bring the doctor prescription in your native language.

Not declaring the medications containing narcotic and psychotropic substances or absence of doctor's prescription may be subject to criminal charges.

Vaccines For Uzbekistan
Vaccines For Uzbekistan
Vaccines For Uzbekistan

Combination medicaments containing: codeine or a salt thereof in an amount of more than 8mg (per dose of a solid dosage form), or more than 80 mg (100 ml or 100 g of a liquid dosage form) is restricted.

While passing customs at the border checkpoints, individuals are required to declare drugs and psychotropic substances and provide the document issued by a medical institution of the country of residence with an indication of the medical preparation, its medical forms, and the recommended quantity for the course of treatment.

However, the recommended Vaccines for Uzbekistan by WHO and CDC are:

  • Hepatitis A - You can get Havrix, Vaqta to get prevented from Hepatitis A.

  • Hepatitis B -Hepatitis B Vaccine injected into the muscle.

  • Typhoid - Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV)

  • Rabies -Rabies vaccine injected to muscle or skin

  • Polio - Inactivated polio vaccine

  • Measles and Mumps - MMR vaccine

  • TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) -Tdap vaccine


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