Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad

Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad

The primary purpose of Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad is to assist Uzbek citizens who travel to or live in the host country on Uzbekistan Tours. The Foreign Service officers interview the citizens of host country who wish to travel to Uzbekistan for business, education or tourism purposes. It also helps you to preserve and protect the relationship between host country and country represented by particular embassy office.

You can visit Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad seeking to communicate with home country. The consulates help travellers with any of their problems faced in the country.

Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad
Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad
Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad

Uzbekistan Embassies in abroad:

On your Uzbekistan Tours following are the embassies you must be aware of:

Afghanistan Kabul
Austria Vienna
Azerbaijan Baku
Belarus Minsk
Belgium Brussels
China Beijing
Egypt Cairo
France Paris
Germany Berlin
India New Delhi
Indonesia Jakarta
Iran Tehran
Israel Tel Aviv
Italy Rome
Japan Tokyo
Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan
Korea (Republic) Seoul
Kuwait Kuwait City
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
Latvia Riga
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Pakistan Islamabad
Poland Warsaw
Russia Moscow
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Singapore Singapore
Spain Madrid
Tajikistan Dushanbe
Turkey Ankara
Turkmenistan Ashgabat
Ukraine Kiev
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom London
United States Washington, D.C.


The following are Uzbekistan Embassies In Abroad:

Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif, Consulate
Bangladesh Dhaka, Consulate
China Shanghai, Consulate General
Cyprus Nicosia, Consulate
Germany Frankfurt am Main, Consulate General
Greece Athens, Consulate General
India Mumbai, Consulate
Japan Osaka, Consulate
Jordan Amman, Consulate
Russia Novosibirsk, Consulate
Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Consulate General
Slovakia Bratislava, Consulate
Spain Barcelona, Consulate General
Thailand Bangkok, Consulate General
Turkey Istanbul, Consulate General
United Arab Emirates Dubai, Consulate General
United States New York, Consulate General
Vietnam Hanoi, Consulate


European Union Brussels, Mission

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