Uzbekistan Adventure

Uzbekistan Adventure

Overview About Uzbekistan Adventure

For those who want to make their vacation full of adventure, a trip on Uzbekistan Adventure lead to the quite places to make it memorable forever. Uzbekistan Tours are worldwide known for the monument in its ancient cities, diverse culture, natural parks, reservoirs and the majestic landscapes on the slope of mountains.

With its unmatched classical contrasts, a trip on Uzbekistan Adventure offers some unique activities in some places like endless deserts, the edges of Aral Sea, kayaking in lakes or rivers, climbing the mountain and many more.

Uzbekistan Adventure Activities Are:

Camel Riding In The KyzylKum Desert

On Uzbekistan Tours, riding the well-groomed camels will take you through the large swathes of green, deep red fields and to the landscapes filled with the sand dunes of Kyzylkum desert.

Walking On The City Walls Of Ichan Kala Citadel

Walking on the wall of inner city of Ichan Kala covers from north gate to the south and on south towards the end around the Ark. On Uzbekistan Adventure, the walking on the wall shows the beautiful scenic sight of Khiva city packed with old and restored houses, mosques, historical buildings, nice streets and the centre of attraction of Khiva, the well.

Uzbekistan Adventure
Uzbekistan Adventure
Uzbekistan Adventure

Old Citadels Of Ancient Khorezm

Visiting the archaeological monuments of the ancient Khorezm which were made for the protection of the empire 2000 years ago make the trips memorable, The sights like Kyzyl-Kala, Toprak-Kala, and one of the largest fortresses, Ayaz-Kala.

Sleeping In Nomadic Tents Near Nurata

After spending the day by travelling a lot, sleeping under the stars with the campfires surrounded by the chilled atmosphere of Kyzylkum is really enjoyable.

Ancient Khorezm Tour

Climbing to the walls of the ruins, walking among the ruins, and enjoying the most wonderful views of the Kyzylkum Desert are really unexplainable.

Hazrat Daud Cave Tour

Known as the most remarkable holy place, the cave of the great preacher Hazrat Daud included in one of the Uzbekistan Highlights offers to walk along the tunnel to reach at the fingerprints of palms and feet of Hazrat Daud.

Aral Sea Savitsky Museum Tour

Once known as fourth largest lake in the world, Aral sea Savitsky Museum Tour offers walk on the magnificent landscapes of the desert formed by Aral Sea and the Ustyurt Plateau. It also offers trekking on the edges of Aral Sea during trip on Uzbekistan Adventure. Named after Igor Savitsky, this museum is the second largest collection of Russian avant-garde art which hosts the largest collections of archaeological objects and folk, applied and contemporary art of Central Asia.

Aydarkul Lake Tour

Included in the trip of Uzbekistan Adventure, Aydarkul Lake offers to taste the nomadic life, ancient history, boat riding and fishing.

Nurata Mountains

Climbing to the beautiful dramatic slopes of Nurata Mountains is in the list of Uzbekistan Adventure Tour. Enjoying the scenery, the local inhabitants and the villages on the lower slopes are the main feature of this place.

Making a well-planned tour by mixing both adventure and historical tour can make your trip to Uzbekistan more unique and memorable.

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