Tipping In Uzbekistan

Tipping In Uzbekistan

Overview About Tipping In Uzbekistan

As most of the countries, Tipping In Uzbekistan is not compulsory or expected on Uzbekistan Tours. It is your own option to provide tips to the staffs if the service was good you are satisfied with the service.

Some of the hotels and restaurants in Uzbekistan apply a service charge in your bill which would range from 10%-15% of the total amount. It means they do not need any additional tips. However, any Tipping In Uzbekistan is appreciated.

The drivers and hotel staffs do appreciate a small tip. In small and simple hotels, chaikanas, tips are not considered more often.

Tipping In Uzbekistan
Tipping In Uzbekistan
Tipping In Uzbekistan

The Standard Tips For:

  • Taxis - If your taxi driver was able to make your journey entertaining and had a good time sense on Uzbekistan Tours. Then you can tip the Taxi driver with $5.00 as a gesture of appreciation.

  • Hotels - Most of the small hotels do not have any tipping option. However, if you are getting into a normally bigger hotel, then you will be required tip the staffs according to your satisfaction level. If the staffs were fair - $3 - $5. If the staffs were good $5-$8 and if the staffs have given you the best service, tip them $10.00. They will you excellent on your next travel.

  • Restaurants - The restaurants will normally charge you 10% service charge on the final bill. However, if you find the service exceptional then you can add a 5% Tipping In Uzbekistan.

  • Bars - The bars also sometimes have a service charge of 5% to 10%. If you find the service is pleasant then you can add a 5% tip as token of appreciation.

  • Guide - The guide is a person who will able to help you with every part of the country. They provide you the details and help you to make decision throughout the journey. If you are satisfied with the service of the guide and feel that they were exceptional, then you can tip up to $15.00.

However, all the staffs are happy with whatever amount of tip you provide them.

Our Uzbekistan Travel Advice is to follow the instructions of your Uzbekistan Travel Guide to manage your Uzbekistan Travel Cost and bring all the necessary Uzbekistan Travel Requirements on your trip.

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