Aksaray Mausoleum

Aksaray Mausoleum

Overview About Aksaray Mausoleum :

Aksaray Mausoleum is a rectangular-dome building that got its name from the Turkish language whereas, ak means white and Saray means palace is one of the most famous Samarkand Attractions and you simply can't miss it on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Built-in 1470, Aksaray Mausoleum is a memorial and religious building in Samarkand and also known as the white palace. Aksaray Mausoleum in Samarkand is unique for new technical designs.

Location Of Aksaray Mausoleum :

Mausoleum of Aksaray is located from 30 meters of the south-east of Gur-Emir Mausoleum in Samarkand city of Uzbekistan. This historical place is today opened for every tourist of Samarkand Tours.

Aksaray Mausoleum
Aksaray Mausoleum
Aksaray Mausoleum

History Of Aksaray Mausoleum :

Aksaray Mausoleum was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed Mirza (1469-1494). This mausoleum was built to honor the governor Abd al Latif, and not buried in Gur Emir Mausoleum. Abd al Latif is the son of MirzoUlugbek and killed his father and buried in Gur Emir Mausoleum.

Before the XXI century, Aksaray Mausoleum was ruined completely and between 1924-1925 the mausoleum was restored. A famous place to visit during Samarkand Tours,Aksaray Mausoleum was renovated in 2007.

Aksaray Mausoleum Design And Architecture :

With the cross-hall and three rooms, Aksaray Mausoleum is a rectangular-dome building with a narrow passage that leads to an octagonal marble crypt. The beautiful walls of the mausoleum are decorated with glazed mosaic whereas; the dome is decorated by ornamental painting. There is a use of the Kundal technique in which the abundance of gold is used that you will come across on your Uzbekistan Tours.

The interior is different from the exterior and looks more beautiful than the exterior which makes it one of the major Samarkand Attractions for the tourist.

Aksaray Mausoleum Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

The incredible work of the Kundal technique and ornamental paintings are the major attractions of Aksaray Mausoleum. The kashinny mosaic of the interior of the mausoleum makes it more popular.

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