Samarkand Sights

Samarkand Sights

Samarkand Overview

The Samarkand Sights are the most famed Uzbekistan’s historic city with amazing Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions that are drawing thousands of travelers on the most celebrated Uzbekistan Tours.  

Top Attractions In Samarkand Sights

Some of these amazing Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions are:

The Registan Square

Registan Square located in the center of Samarkand is truly one of the most beautiful Samarkand Sights that is close to almost all the important Samarkand Attractions in and around the square. It is believed that public executions took place in this particular square from the 15th to the early 20th centuries. The name meaning of the place is reg (‘sand’) and stan (‘place’) - ‘a sand place’. People gathered to listen to government announcements that were announced here declared.

The Bibi-Khanum Mosque

Another important Samarkand Sights is the Bibi-Khanum mosque which is a Friday communal prayer mosque in Samarkand. Saray Mulk Khanum (nickname Bibi-Khanum) was the senior wife of Tamerlane. It is believed that Saray organized to build a mosque in the honor of her husband’s return from the victorious campaign in India.

The Shah-I-Zinda Necropolis

Among the many Places To Visit In Samarkand Shahi-Zinda Necropolis is a remarkable complex which consists of medieval Samarkand mausoleums and some other cult buildings. On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will witness these ‘the street cemetery’ (referred by locals) which all together as part of the complex are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Rukhabad Mausoleum

During the reign of Tamerlane, the Rukhabad Mausoleum is one of the first edifices raised and is also one of the oldest historic buildings in the city. This Architectural Monuments Of Samarkand was built in 1380 over the grave of Sheikh Burhan al-Din Sagarji who was a popular Islamic theologian and mystic.

Khodja Daniyar Mausoleum

Another major Sightseeing In Samarkand is the Khodja Daniyar Mausoleum which is situated next to the Siab river between the Afrosiab hills. Daniel who was the descendant of David and Solomon was born in the Holy Land of Jerusalem in 603 B. C. This building is an architectural marvel and many visitors throng to here annually to view the place more closely.

Samarkand Sights
Samarkand Sights
Samarkand Sights

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