Driving In Uzbekistan

Driving In Uzbekistan

How safe is Self Driving In Uzbekistan?

Fortunately Driving in Uzbekistan is the most fulfilling experience. Many travellers in Uzbekistan choose Self-driving as part of Uzbekistan Tourswhere they rent private car and travel to countries or areas in and across the Uzbekistan. With the development of the automotive industry in the early XX century First travels on private vehicles began to occur. However this type of tourism gained popularity in the post-war period in which the car companies actively released new models of personal transportation, and government started to build extensive motorways.

The most gripping types of tourismare Self-Driving in Uzbekistan. You will feel a sense of freedom and will be left with a lot of lasting memories by choosing Self Driving in Uzbekistan in your vacation or just a weekend break.

Guide to Uzbek roads and Safety

Driving in Uzbekistan in your cross country travel is a comfortable ride as the Uzbekistan Road isin reasonable state. And you will have great fun on the long drive. For your Uzbekistan Safety you must learn about the details of forbidden or toll roads.

  • Forbidden areas: While Driving Through Uzbekistan you must know that the interesting desert detour from Navoi to Nukus via Uchquduq has been opened up yet again for the unescorted self-drive tourists.

  • Toll roads: Parallel to the current Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara road a new toll road is being built. This will provide you with the ability to move with a higher speed than before.

Driving In Uzbekistan
Driving In Uzbekistan
Driving In Uzbekistan

Why Uzbekistan Car Rental is a great Idea?

If you choose Driving in Uzbekistan on a private car taking Road Trip you are sure to experience the most colourful Uzbekistan Tours. You will choose where you want to go and what time you wish to go and that is the best part of your Uzbekistan Car Rental. This is extremely great for independent or solo travellers who love to follow their own pace and want to journey alone. You can get a rented private car at a reasonable price of 25$/day.

Getting Around in Uzbekistan with EuroAsia Travels

When Getting Around Uzbekistan there are many travel rules and regulations that you must follow which has been simplified and explained in brief by EuroAsia Travel's experts in their Uzbekistan Travel Advice. Some of them are mentioned below. In case of any further queries you can freely call us and talk personally with our tour guides or visit our Uzbekistan Travel Faq's page for more detailed information.

  • Border payments: You may have to pay around $40-$50 to enter through Uzbekistan borders.

  • Insurance: You may be asked for your travel insurance papers on the border.

  • Checkpoints: Unless you have done anything wronf you do not have to face the police checkpoints.

  • Speed Limits: It shouldn't cross 50km/h inside towns and cities and 100km/h on intercity roads.

Call up our travel experts and get detailed knowledge about the road safety and regulations. With EuroAsia Travels you won't have to face any difficulty on your Uzbekistan Tours. So don't delay and book your Uzbekistan Tour Packages with us today.

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