Uzbekistan Yurt Camping

Uzbekistan Yurt Camping

Overview Uzbekistan Yurt Camping :

Yurts are portable round tents that are used by several distinct nomadic groups in the steppes of Central Asia. Uzbekistan Yurt Camping will help you explore this amazing experience in these traditional yurts that are much better than hotel lodgings that you will enjoy on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan Yurt Camping
Uzbekistan Yurt Camping
Uzbekistan Yurt Camping

Types Uzbekistan Yurt Camping :

On your Uzbekistan Tours you will find the following options of yurt camping:

  • Safari Yurt Camp: The Safari Yurt Camp is popular Uzbekistan Yurt Camping choices that are located about 60 km from the Nurata city, in the Kyzylkum desert of Uzbekistan. There are about 20 yurts available in this camp. You will see small bushes on all sides near this yurt camp. You can try camel rides up to the Aydarkul lake which is posited pretty far from the safari camp. In the nearby villages, you can take endless walks and explore the unique lifestyle and cultures of the locals.

  • Yurt Camp Ayda: Another popular Uzbekistan Yurt Camping has located in the Konikhemskiy region of Nurata 7 km from the western shore of Aydarkul Lake in Uzbekistan. There are about 11 rooms in this yurt camp. Camel Safari that is a popular activity here is growing to be a comparatively new type of tourism in Uzbekistan. The Ayda yurt camp is considered to be the most comfortable yurt camp in Uzbekistan

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