Uzbekistan Culinary Tour

Uzbekistan Culinary Tour

Introduction About Uzbekistan Culinary Tour

Uzbekistan Cuiline Tour is influenced by the Orient and is very varied. Its history can be traced back over many centuries: The constant mix of cultures, the fusion of traditions and cultures along the Great Silk Road and in the heart of Central Asia all helped develop Uzbek cuisine which today has such a variety of typical dishes. The Uzbek cuisine is the result of combination of mixed cultures, the fusion of traditions along the Great Silk Road.

Uzbekistan can rightly be described as a ‘soup country’ because a meal that does not start with soup can hardly be imagined here. The flavoursome and hearty Uzbekistan’s cuisine are giving most unique experience on Uzbekistan Tours.

Best Uzbekistan cuisine

Bukharan Jewish cuisine

In Uzbekistan Culinary Tours, the Bukharan jewish cuisine offers the tasty flavours in its all types of dishes. Oshi sabo, or "meal in a pot" is the most typical Bukharan Jewish dish which is slowly cooked overnight and eaten hot during lunch time. The compositions of this dish are meat, rice, vegetables, and fruit added for a unique sweet and sour taste.

The Jewish cuisines are one of the Uzbekistan Attractions. Some of Jewish cuisines are Osh palov, Bakhsh, Khalta savo, Yakhni, Kov roghan, Serkaniz, Oshi piyozi, Shulah, Boyjon, Slotah Bukhori, and Noni Toki

Uzbekistan Culinary Tour
Uzbekistan Culinary Tour
Uzbekistan Culinary Tour

Uzbek Dishes

The mix of culture and traditions with the common foods of different countries makes teh Uzbek dishes famous and got the place in Uzbekistan Tours. These are Plov, Manty, Oshi Toki, Meat Skewer, Shashlyk, Laghman , Soup, Salad, Samsa, dried fruits and nuts.


Breads are the major part in Uzbekistan Culinary Tours and one of the Uzbekistan Attractions due to its unique flavours. Bread is the staple diet and offers many different types. On your journey “Discovery of the Uzbekistan cuisine”, I would like to lead you into the delicious world of tastes, so that you can experience and admire the fine art of the best Uzbek cuisine.

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