Urgut Excursion

Urgut Excursion

Overview About Urgut Excursion :

When you have planned your Uzbekistan Tourism, don't miss the Urgut Excursion. High in the hills next to the Tajik border, not far from Samarkand, is the town of Urgut. Here not only do the people have their own distinct culture but also it is one of the best rural markets that you will find on your Uzbekistan Tours. As part of your Uzbekistan activities, you can traverse through the streets of Urgut.

Urgut Excursion
Urgut Excursion
Urgut Excursion

Main Tourist Places in Urgut :

Chor-Chinor Garden

The ChorChinor Garden has around 50 old plane trees fed by water from a holy spring source. The name of the garden means - four plane trees. This is because there were only four trees at the beginning of the garden. With more than 10 meters in circumference, these trees are reportedly more than 1,000 years old. In your Uzbekistan activities as part of your Urgut excursions, you can wander in this garden for hours with no intention of leaving.

ShaytanJiga (Devil's Helmet)

With an extended area of granite formations found between the springs of Mirankul to the village of Karatepe, ShaytanJigais a mysterious plateau. Locals believe this was used as a sacrificing ground by pagans. Legends say that witches who can be moderately offered by the rock carving sculptures that bear a resemblance to the heads of animals like bears, tigers, lizards, and birds that you can watch closely on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Urgut Market

In the entire Samarkand Region Urgut has the largest market where handmade traditional Uzbek arts and crafts are available. Some of the remarkable items include carpets, jewels, metalwork, and ceramics. Delicious Uzbek cuisines like Pilaf and Manti are also served here in these markets.

Monastries of ČārČenār and Pir Ḡaw ṯ -e A ʿ ẓ am

With its rich historical, epigraphic, and archeological significance these two places are the most important in Uzbekistan. Built-in honor of a Samanid missionary named Khoja Abu ṬālebSarmast who was killed by infidels is the Monastries of ČārČenār. Also, PirḠawṯ-e Aʿẓamis connected to the work of Abd-al-QāderJilāni, the institutor of Qāderi Sufi order.

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