Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions

Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions

About Ancient Cities Of Uzbekistan

Known as the mysterious country, Uzbekistan with its cities are famous as the home of Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions. The major cities of Uzbekistan has played as economical and cultural hubs of different empires over long centuries. These cities also has been the integral part of great Silk Road and packed with ancient monuments reflecting the stunning beauty of great works of Islamic architectures.

For Uzbekistan Tours, the ancient cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are the popular destinations, also listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Ancient Tourist Places to visit in Uzbekistan are the beautiful monuments like mausoleums, madrassahs, mosques, and minarets can be found in the cities like Tashkent, Khiva, Termez, Samarkand, Bukhara and in other cities.

Uzbekistan Attractions are also includes the vibrant culture, traditions and stunning nature like the dramatic landscapes, forest covered hill areas, green valleys, and blue lakes. The popular artefacts and crafts of Uzbekistan are also included in Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions. The silk fabrics, carpets, bright ceramics, oriental knives, wood carving, ancient metal coin, miniatures, golden embroidery, and the ancient method of making paper increase the anxiousness in the mind of visitors to explore more things about these.

The best Places To Visit In Uzbekistan also includes the artificial parks, museums and lakes. As a country of the cities located along the trade path-the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan national food as well as international cuisines make it more popular.

Top Places To Visit In Uzbekistan

  • Tashkent

  • Samarkand

  • Bukhara

  • Khiva

  • Andijan

  • Aral Sea

  • Beldersay

  • Boysun

  • Charvak

  • Chimgan

  • Fergana

  • Jizzakh

  • Karakalpakstan

  • Karshi

  • Kokand

  • Kuva

  • Margilan

  • Muynak

  • Namangan

  • Navoi

  • Nukus

  • Nurata

  • Rishtan

  • Sarmish-say

  • Shakhimardan

  • Shakhrisabz

  • Termez

  • Urgench

  • Ustyurt Plateau

  • Yangiabad

Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions
Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions
Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions

Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

The spring and autumn season are the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan as in these season, the temperature remains warm but hot and the sky remains clear. So, with a pleasant atmosphere, these seasons are perfect for visiting Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions.

To enjoy the natural beauties of Uzbekistan and mountain sports for adventure enthusiasts, the winter season is the perfect season. For Kyzyl-Kum desert, the spring season April and May are the perfect time. In summer, you can experience camel ride and swimming in Charvak Reservoir, the pearl of Tian Shan Mountain. In autumn season from September to November, you should travel different cities to explore the architectural beauties in an incredible pleasant environment.

Uzbekistan Travel Advice From Specialists

To visit Uzbekistan, you need to get the idea of Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview from the specialist.

Apart from the time to visit, you can also get other Uzbekistan Travel Advice from the specialist, for a smooth and more enjoyable trips in Uzbekistan.

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