Tashkent Region

Tashkent Region

Overview of Tashkent Region

Posited between the Syr Darya River and the Tien Shan Mountains the Tashkent Region is in the northeastern part of the country. On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will find out the Namangan Region, Kyrgyzstan, and Sirdaryo Region that border this region. This incredible Uzbekistan Destinations that covers an area of 15,300 square kilometer hosts a population of about 4,450,000 approximately.

Tashkent Region Highlights :

  • The 15 administrative districts that the Tashkent Region is divided into including the cities of Nurafshon, Chirchiq, Okhangaron, Yangiabad, Angren, Olmaliq, Keles, Bekabad, Yangiyo‘l, and Gazalkent.

  • The climate that you experience here on your Uzbekistan Tours is a typically continental type with mild wet winters and hot dry summers.

  • The various natural resources available in the Tashkent Region are silver, molybdenum, rare earth, brown coal, petroleum, copper, zinc, and gold.

  • The various Uzbekistan Destinations are not as economically developed as this region. Various cotton purification, chemicals, food processing, mining, and metallurgy industry thrive here.

  • Also, the agricultural industry with irrigation being the primary emphasis is highly developed and produces main crops such as cotton and hemp, but cereals, melons, and gourds, fruit, and vegetables.

The region also hosts the Chatkal National Park and many other popular mountains and forests flourishing in the region.

Tashkent Region
Tashkent Region
Tashkent Region

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