Ride The Metro In Tashkent

Ride The Metro In Tashkent

Overview About Ride The Metro In Tashkent

What you must try is to Ride The Metro In Tashkent on your exciting journey of Tashkent Tours. The rapid transit system that runs in the capital of Uzbekistan was the seventh to be built in the former USSR. It was inaugurated in 1977 and is one of only two subway systems at present functioning in Central Asia. Uzbekistan Destinations are all connected to Tashkent city. More so the many Tashkent Attractions are easier to visit by navigating through these metros.

History About The Metro In Tashkent :

As you Ride The Metro In Tashkent you must know that the plan of its construction began in 1968. In 1972 the first line construction on the metro began following which the metro was opened to the public on 6th November 1977. Initially, there were nine stations and the line of the metro was further extended in 1980 and 1984 respectively. In 2001 the most latest line called the Yunusobod Line was opened.

Ride The Metro In Tashkent Operations :

As you Ride The Metro In Tashkent you should familiarise yourself with its various lines and system along with the different stations that you will have to journey through on your Tashkent Tours.

System :

Three lines operate in Tashkent Metro that extends up to 36.2 kilometers and passes through 29 stations. The metro tunnel’s depth is about 8–25 meters (26–82 ft) and can survive an earthquake of up to 9.0magnitudeon the Richter scale.

Lines :

  • Chilonzor Line (red) : After the completion of its construction in 1968 the line was opened in 1977 between Oktyabrinkilobi and Sabir Rakhimov. The line was extended in 1980 to Maksim Gor'kiy. The line runs between 12 stations.

  • Oʻzbekiston Line (blue) : Crossing the city diagonally from northwest to southeast via the Toshkent Railway station the blue line was opened in 1984 and was extended further up to 1991. The line runs between 11 stations.

  • Yunusobod Line (green) : The green line is the latest one and opened in 2001.

Stations :

There are currently around 19 stations:

  • A few stations have escalators,

  • Seven stations belong to the tower type,

  • Four stations to the arch type and

  • One station (Mustakillik) to the tower-individual type.

Ride The Metro In Tashkent
Ride The Metro In Tashkent
Ride The Metro In Tashkent

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