Surhandarya Region

Surhandarya Region

Located in the extreme south-east of the country the Surhandarya Region was established on March 6, 1941, and is surrounded by Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Qashqadaryo Region and Tajikistan on its borders. On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will encounter this vast region that covers over 20,100 square kilometers and accommodates about 1,925,100 where around 80% of the population lives in rural areas. This is an important part of the Uzbekistan Destinations and travelers across the globe visit this region.

Surhandarya Region Highlights

  • The Uzbek population as per official data is about 83% whereas the Tajiks population is about 1% in the Surhandarya Region.

  • The Gissar Range is the highest point of the Region at a height of 4,643m.

  • Termez which is the capital of the Surhandarya Region has a total population of 122,900. Some other cities in the region are Jarkurghon, Kumkurghon, Boysun, Sariosiyo, Shargun, and Shirabad.

  • On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will experience a continental climate along with mild wet winters and hot dry summers.

  • The savanna of pistachio and desert sedge lies in the southern part of the region which is called the Badkhiz-Karabil semi-desert Eco-region.

  • This gorgeous Uzbekistan Destinations stores many natural resources like coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

  • Various other industries like food processing and cotton ginning contribute immensely to the economy of the region.

  • Around 40% of regional agricultural product accounts for Livestock.

Surhandarya Region
Surhandarya Region
Surhandarya Region

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