Shop at Siab Bazaar

Shop at Siab Bazaar

Overview About Shop At Siab Bazaar :

Once known as the economic and culrural centre in Central Asia, Samarkand on the Great Silk Road is the home to the Shop At Siab Bazaar. The bazaar got its name from the local place where Siab means Old Town. As the largest and oldest bazaar in Samarkand city, Shop At Siab Bazaar got the place in Samarkand Tours. Located in between the mosque of Bibi Khanum complex and Shokhi Zinda, Siab bazaar can be reached by 10 minute walk from Registan square.

Occupying the area of 7 hectares, the bazaar built in the form of a dome with many shopping arcades. As Siab Bazaar is the place where people get everything from fragrant fruits to captivating spices, from a variety of souvenirs to carpets, Shop At Siab Bazaar is one of the most famous Uzbekistan Destinations.

Shop at Siab Bazaar
Shop at Siab Bazaar
Shop at Siab Bazaar

History Of Shop At Siab Bazaar :

According to the historians, Shop At Siab Bazaar has been existed from the ancient times. This place was also the centre of social life of urban people and the folk festivals were also celebrated here.

Shop At Siab Bazaar Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

The reason behind the Shop At Siab Bazaar got the place among the major Uzbekistan Destinations as it’s the place where the locals and tourists can get what they want even traditional Uzbek foods. When Getting Around In Uzbekistan, the bank, circus, art gallery, shop poets, scholars and club meetings can be found at Siab Bazaar.

The embodiment of abundance of goods, trade fervour, street artists and the teahouses around the shopping malls can be found.

As one of the famous Samarkand Sights, Siab Bazaar is also famous for many types of fresh cakes which are baked in a clay oven. On Samarkand Tours, you can find more than 17 types of breads.

An abundance of fruits, spices and the alluring aroma of local Uzbek foods like pilaf, kebabs, lagman, shurpa, etc. attract everyone.

Shop At Siab Bazaar also includes the shops of craftsmen and artisans, ganch carvers, engravers, jewelers and ceramists were also here.

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