Samarkand City Tour

Samarkand City Tour

Overview About Samarkand City Tour :

Well-known as a destination that holds exceptional things than other countries in modern age, Uzbekistan is known for architectural monuments of its famous cities on the most famous Great Silk Road. As Samarkand was cultural and economic centre for different empires, Samarkand City Tour includes the historical and architectural monuments as Samarkand Attractions.

Founded around 7th century BC, Samarkand's blossomed ancient beauties make Samarkand City Tour famous worldwide. According to archaeologists, Samarkand Region was also the home for the people of Palaeolithic period or Stone Age.

Ruled by Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Persians and Turks, Samarkand was the capital of the empire of Amir Timur in 14th century. In the era of Amir Timur and his descendants, Samarkand touches the sky in the subjects of arts and Islamic learning. During Uzbekistan Tours, the reflection of great arts and architecture with the holy places of Islamic learning can be seen on different Samarkand Attractions.

Samarkand City Tour
Samarkand City Tour
Samarkand City Tour

Highlights For Samarkand City Tour :

On Uzbekistan Tours, there are many iconic places like mausoleums, madrasahs, mosques, minarets and architectural ensembles to enjoy the beauties in Samarkand Day Tours.

  • Hazret-Hyzr Mosque

  • Siab bazaar

  • Memorial complex Imam Al-Bukhari.

  • Registan Square.

  • Bibi-Khanym Mosque

  • Tomb Rukhabad

  • Gur-Emir Mausoleum

  • Nekropolis Shahi-Zinda

  • Ulugbek Observatory

  • Hodja Daniyar Mausoleum

  • Afrasiab

  • University Boulevard

  • Aksaray (Ak-Saray) Mausoleum

  • Complex Khoja Abdi Birun

  • Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum

  • Samarkand Regional Museum

  • Samarkand Russian Drama Theatre named after A...

  • Mirzo Ulugbek Museum

  • Urgut

  • Ishrat-Hona Mausoleum

Conclusion :

As Samarkand city has the great cultural diversity, include the budget for Uzbekistan Souvenirs in Uzbekistan Money & Costs in the travelling period. If you want to know more information about the routes and times, then you will get the best results from Uzbekistan Travel Advice.

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