Jizzakh Attractions

Jizzakh Attractions

Jizzakh Overview :

As Jizzakh is located at the northern lower slope of Nuratau Mountains and the southern part of the Hungry Steppe, the place in Jizzakh Attractions are majorly dominated by the natural landscapes and other natural beauties. On your Uzbekistan Tours, you can find a small fort in the Jizzakh city. Other things you will get here are the remnants of ancient sites and settlements of the miners.

Like others, Jizzakh town is one of the famous Uzbekistan Destinations and also famous as one of the most important fortress cities of the Great Silk Road.

Jizzakh Attractions
Jizzakh Attractions
Jizzakh Attractions

History Of Jizzakh

Jizzakh city has got its name from the words jiz which means heat and zah means humidity in sogdian language. According to the archaeologists, Jizzakh Oasis has appeared in 5th century in the southern part of Golodnaya steppe.

Jizzakh Region was the center of Djizak disctrict under the Bukhara emirate in 19th century. After the siege and assault in October 1866, Dmitri Romanovsky, the Russian General took the city under Russian control.

Jazzakh town was completely destroyed by the Mongolian invasion and rebuilt again during the reign of Tamerlane. Jizzakh has served as a junction or connection point in between Samarkand and the Fergana Valley. There was a widely-known trade bazaar, where caravans would sell clothing, silk, fabrics, jewelry, and famous jade.

People have mined the iron ore in the Nuratau Mountains over the centuries, and today the remnants of ancient sites and settlements of the miners can be found.

Jizzakh Highlights Point Of Attraction :

Jizzakh means a fortress or small fort that describes the story of this town. As Jizzakh Attractions include the nature, you should enjoy the natural beauty on the emerald green carpet on majestic landscape. Visit and revitalize your physical and mental energy by spending the mountain woodland of Zaamin and Bakhmal, breathtaking canyons and swift mountain streams.

As Jizzakh town is famous for Uzbek cuisine and variety of dishes such as tandoor kabob, tandoor shurva, and samsa, you should taste once.

March to May is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan, if you have planned for Jizzakh Attractions.

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