Hazrat Khizr Mosque

Hazrat Khizr Mosque

Overview About Hazrat Khizr Mosque :

Known as the first mosque constructed during 8th century in Samarkand, Hazrat Khizr Mosque is one of the most beautiful religious sites in Samarkand. This museum was built in the honour of Hazrat Khizr, one of the Muslim Saints, patron of travellers, who is responsible for water resources and wealth. In Arabic, Hazrat Khizr means "green light" or "Living". According to the legend, he is a descendant of Adam in the 20th generation. As it is located on the hill and the decorated interior and stylish exterior, make it to take place on the top of Uzbekistan Tours. As Hazrat Khizr Mosque, it became as one of the Samarkand Attractions as a pilgrimage site.

As per the legend, Hazrat Khizr is immortal and also lighter than air, but can control his body in the wind, and on the move, hovering slightly above the ground. As per the belief, meeting him considered as lucky to meet him.

Hazrat Khizr Mosque
Hazrat Khizr Mosque
Hazrat Khizr Mosque

History Of Hazrat Khizr Mosque :

Famous for Samarkand Tours, this mosque is situated on the southern side of Afrosiab hill. Hazrat Khizr Mosque was built in the 8th'century by the orders of Khorasan governor Qutayba ibn Muslim.

Hazrat Khizr is believed by many scholars to be a figure who was described in the Quranic Surah Al-Kahf, as a righteous servant of God possessing great wisdom and mystic knowledge, and who accompanied Moses as his spiritual guide.

On the earliest 13th century, the Hazrat Khizr Mosque was ruined by the Mongol invasion. The mosque was renovated in 1854 by Samarkand artisans on the orders from the Bukhara emir Muzaffarkhon. In 1899, the mosque's terrace and entrance gates were built.

Hazrat Khizr Mosque Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

On Uzbekistan Tours, a trip to Hazrat Khizr Mosque, a portal entrance, darvazakhana, vestibule that is covered with ribbed dome on a polyhedral drum, khanaka and columned aivan can be seen. Carved ganch and coloured paintings are used in the ceiling decoration. The facade also includes guldastami and beautiful carved gates.

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