Guliston Attractions

Guliston Attractions

Gijduvon Overview :

Gulistan meaning the Blooming territory translating from Persia is the smallest regional center in Uzbekistan and is posited just 120 kilometers from Tashkent. The many Guliston Attractions are a must-visit on your Uzbekistan Tours. Earlier this was a more intriguing of all Uzbekistan Destinations due to the Hungry Steppe which has disappeared now.

Guliston Attractions
Guliston Attractions
Guliston Attractions

History Of Guliston

Do you know how the city of Gulistan came into existence? Earlier there used to be numerous small Uzbek villages in Hungry Steppe. Among these many villages was Achchikuduk (translated as Bitter Well), wherein 1895 the railway line was opened which resulted in the growth of settlements around the village. The village was renamed to Mirzachchul in 1922. And again in the year 1959, the Mirzachchul became Gulistan.

Guliston Highlights :

The St. Nicholas Church is the most peculiar building of Gulistan and is a major Guliston Attractions which you must visit on your most awaited Uzbekistan Tours. The churches of Uzbekistan are quite high in number and some of them are extremely beautiful and a great part of the Uzbekistan Destinations. While many of these churches were renovated with the latest soviet era decors the churches of Gulistan preserved their natural appearance.

Among the many Guliston Attractions are these churches which represent the perfect example of the architecture of the Stalin period. There are many other Places to Visit Near Around Gulistan like the Syrdarya Regional Music and Drama Theater named after Khodjaev which was constructed in the 1970s and 1980s. Directly opposite this theatre is the Alisher Navoi monument which is a great choice among Places to Visit in Uzbekistan.

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